[headline title=”We believe that the accounting industry is changing at a rapid rate and accountants have two options:”]

 to become a firm of the future, or to be forced to die a slow death.


With the advancement of cloud technology and the simplicity of having offshore workers perform the administration and compliance tasks of traditional firms, now is the time to start truly adding value to your clients. We believe you have the real ability to control your client’s finances, from bookkeeping to compliance, and advice on all areas of their businesses.

Through outsourcing your accounting work in the Philippines, you can now truly add value instead of being buried in compliance work and failing to focus more on your client’s future business plans.

This Firm of the Future philosophy will allow you to spend 100% of your time adding value to clients.

  1. The owner of our BPO is an Australian businessman who has owned and operated a successful Financial Planning, Accounting, and Finance business in Australia for over 12 years.
  2. The Outsourced Accountant’s culture is built with a sole focus on Australian, New Zealand, and UK Accounting.
  3. We have a strong induction program which aims to train our team in the Australian, New Zealand and British way so they will understand the culture and their clients. This can also include an induction program for a week on tax legislation, Xero certification, and other training as required.
  4. We have developed a training division to train your team on tax legislation, Xero and other cloud software, compliance updates, and many more related courses. None of our competitors offers this service or have ongoing training and support.
  5. We are based in Australia, The Philippines, and soon in UK which means we can see you face to face when and if required.
  6. You have a dedicated Account Manager, as well as a dedicated Client Experience Manager, in the Philippines.
  7. We are in Clark, a hub for business, tourism, and pleasure in Central Luzon, and now also in Manila, the premier centre for finance and commerce in the Philippines, which are accessible places to do business for you and your team to visit.