Addressing The War On Talent: Is Your Candidate Culture Fit?

War for talent
Culture or competency? Which one bears more weight when it comes to selecting candidates for your firm? Under normal circumstances, companies hire the most qualified person on paper. Someone who has an impressive educational background and extensive work experience is most likely to get hired over someone who is average. These candidates are the perfect ... Read more

The Outsourced Accountant Unveils New Clark Facility

To maintain its edge in the outsourcing accounting industry, The Outsourced Accountant officially unveiled its newest facility in Clark, Pampanga on December 6, 2017. Spearheaded by members of the Executive Team and attended by our valued clients, the office launch also served as an opportunity for clients to spend time their respective global teams. Present ... Read more

“FesTOAval of Fairy Tales” Takes Kids On A Magical Trip To Fairy Tale Land

“FesTOAval of Fairy Tales” Takes Kids On A Magical Trip To Fairy Tale Land
On October 27, TOA Global’s Clark and Manila sites were transformed into one huge fairy tale book to celebrate Halloween with the theme “FesTOAval of Fairy Tales,” which also served as a competition on designing the best workstations. Entering the company’s doors was like opening the pages of a ginormous book, filled with colourful characters ... Read more

How Do You Keep Your Employees Engaged?

How Do You Keep Your Employees Engaged?
There are numerous reasons for firms to work on maintaining a high level of engagement from employees. It plays a key role in improving productivity, keeping staff turnover low, keeping clients happy and, ultimately, increase profit. More importantly, it keeps employees happy. Engaged employees will have more motivation. They will be more passionate and enthusiastic ... Read more

Why You Need To Have More Coffee Breaks At Work

Coffee breaks to boost productivity
You need to have more coffee breaks at work. Why? Unknown to many, these play an essential role in ensuring employees are engaged and productive. Coffee breaks are more than a company perk. If you look at it a lot more closely, you’ll discover that going for that cuppa on certain periods during the day ... Read more

There’s Only Friendly Competition Here At TOA Global

There's only friendly competition at TOA Global
There’s more to crunching numbers when you’re an accountant here at TOA Global. When we’re not busy balancing sheets or completing bookkeeping tasks, we make sure that we get to play as hard as we work. Our recently concluded Badminton Tournament held at The Upper Deck Sports Center in Pasig City, which ran from September ... Read more

Top 5 Things To Know About Your Philippine Staff

Outsourcing philippines
Outsourcing is a strategic decision for any company. When done right it can yield immense benefits for both sides, which is why it is important to find effective ways to make the relationship work. It brings together people from different places and various cultures and encourage them to work together toward shared goals. And just ... Read more

5 Companies with the Best Corporate Culture

A great corporate culture attracts job seekers who are looking for a workplace that fits their values and beliefs and at the same time, maintains employees who are promoting their company through their commitment. The key to a company’s success is creating a culture that makes people feel that they are contributing to the greater … Read more