Cloud Services Drive AU & NZ Outsourced Data Centre Services Growth – Frost & Sullivan

The early and strong adoption of cloud computing of Australia and New Zealand has driven growth to their respective data centre services revenue as managed hosting services are also set to outpace co-location. This is according to market research company Frost & Sullivan in their annual reports which form the Frost & Sullivan Australia and New ... Read more

Get Paid On Time with Xero Invoice Reminders

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your organisation. It guarantees that your business is operational and your company is able to pay your employees. But to ensure this, you need to get paid on time, too. Chasing overdue payments can be tricky and time-consuming. When the invoicing process is delayed, the cash flow is also … Read more

Keeping Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Cloud software is becoming increasingly popular in professional services as more reputable software vendors provide world-class technology in securing large amounts of data. Also, more and more companies are able to send their business process offshore through the cloud in order to save on cost and time. But there are some who are hesitant to … Read more

SMEs Want Accountants to Become a True Advisor and Partner – Exact

Accounting businesses want their service providers to step into the role of “true [business] advisor and partner” – this is what a survey from 750 U.S. small businesses in the accounting, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services has revealed. B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm Exact, in partnership with Pb7 Research, conducted the said study to understand what … Read more

Australian Accounting Trends in 2015 Financial Year

As another financial year comes to an end for Australia and New Zealand (government), let’s review some of the accounting trends that has driven the industry: Growing Digital Economy Australia’s digital economy is growing at a rapid pace and has contributed $79 billion or 5.1 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, according … Read more

Is the Philippines Cloud Ready?

Cloud technology has open up a lot of market opportunities today. It is transforming a lot of businesses to become streamlined, while keeping it cost efficient in the process. Having a cloud computing strategy is important as the world is slowly embracing this powerful technology. The global community has always trusted doing their business in … Read more

5 Common Misconceptions about the Cloud

We are living in a fast evolving world and businesses are now moving to the cloud. Cloud-based services have dominated our everyday lives and in the age of internet evolution, the pressure is on for late adopters. Thinking about moving your business to a cloud-based infrastructure but not sure of what cloud technology can do? … Read more

How Cloud Computing Defined 2014

It has been a superb year in the digital universe as several companies have entered and offered advanced cloud solutions. In early 2014, American multinational corporation IBM declared itself as “the leader in enterprise cloud.” It rebranded itself as a cloud company and Big Blue has announced it is to push $1billion (£597.6m) of its … Read more