The Outsourced Accountant: Forging Tomorrow’s Success Today

4-minute read   Over the last four years, demand has seen us grow from a handful of employees to now supporting accountants with over 900 team members. We are forecasted to exceed 1,200 by the end of 2018 and 2,500 by the end of 2019; from one office in Clark to two, and the third ... Read more

PICPA Appoints TOA Global’s Jaypee Lagman As Chairperson for Committee on Member’s Update and Welfare

Jaypee Lagman PICPA
TOA Global recently scored another victory with the induction of Jaypee Lagman from the Watkins team as the Chairperson of the Committee on Member’s Update and Welfare of PICPA San Fernando last August 18. Held at The Orchadarium, in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, the 52nd Induction Ceremony further strengthened the partnership between TOA ... Read more

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Retain Your Clients

Client retention tips
Client retention needs to be a major concern for accountants. In fact, according to a study conducted by a service provider for accounting professionals, most CPA firms are most worried about retaining clients. Dissatisfied clients can leave and have an impact on your revenue, not to mention your brand reputation. As a professional, you must ... Read more

3 Things I’ve Learned From Running My Own Business, The Outsourced Accountant

Small business accouting - Learn from Nick Sinclair
Three and a half years ago, back when I was running my own financial planning firm, we encountered some challenges related to administration tasks. So we thought of ways on how to flip it to make it more efficient. We ended up buying an accounting firm. The Outsourced Accountant was created and born out of ... Read more

Setting SMART Business Goals

Creating smart business goals is important for team members to understand their roles in the organisation. When they know how they can contribute to its success, they will grow with the company and have a higher engagement in their workplace. In 1981, consultant and former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company George … Read more

Top 5 Marketing Initiatives for Accounting & Financial Services Firms

Previously, we talked about the Top 5 Business Challenges of Accounting and Financial Services Firms according to a research conducted by Hinge Marketing. These firms identified that their top business challenge for 2015 is attracting and developing new business. Now, we’re going to discuss the professional services marketing initiatives that these firms plan to address … Read more

Moving With Change: Reflections from the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”

We constantly deal with unexpected changes in our lives, be it in our career or relationship, among other things. It’s especially hard to move on to a new path when you are already settled with your present situation. Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work and In Your … Read more

4 Ways Outsourcing Help you Outgrow your Competitors

If there is anything constant about being in business, it is that you can always expect some tough competition. So how can you turn the odds in your favour? You can start by using modern tools to help you beat your competitors. According to a Sensis1 study, 32.8% of small businesses in Australia reported a ... Read more

The Role of Outsourcing in your Business Plan

Can you think of anything that compares to the value of a business plan? There’s a good chance that you would not be able to. Regardless of how passionate you are about setting up your own business, there is no match for translating your entrepreneurial concepts into an actual business plan. A business plan is ... Read more