Mandatory Breach Legislation, Two-Step Authentication: What Do They Mean For Accounting Firms?

Protecting Client Data In The Cloud
[header_title add_title="Learn Vital Cybersecurity Updates For Your Firm In Our Webinar Tomorrow"] In our first-ever live client exclusive webinar on 07 February 2018 (Wednesday), The Outsourced Accountant CEO Nick Sinclair will discuss essential vital cybersecurity updates, including the mandatory Two-Step Authentication (2SA) that’s rolling out starting 01 March 2018.   Joining our CEO is Practice ... Read more

The Rise Of Millennial Clients And Its Impact On The Accounting Industry

The increasing number of millennial clients is considered one of the main drivers of the accounting industry in 2018. Accountants need to pay more attention because as more and more millennials are entering the workforce, opportunities to create more business open up. This generation is continuously adapting to the changes in the accounting landscape. The ... Read more

The Rise Of Gig Economy And Its Impact On Accountants

gig economy and its impact on accounting
There was a 14% increase in the number of part-time workers in Australia since 2011, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, compared to the number of full-time workers, which only gained 4%. Today, one in three Australian employees are working part-time as opposed to one in ten more than a decade ago. ... Read more

What’s Next For The Industry? Here Are 7 Accounting Trends For 2018

accounting trends for 2018
The landscape is constantly changing and to remain relevant (and stay in business), accountants need to be two steps ahead. Identifying trends that will shape the industry in 2018 is one step towards ensuring growth and success. Let’s take a look at seven accounting trends for this year. Rise Of The Gig Economy “Gigging” has ... Read more

Do Firms Need to Shake Up Their Accounting Marketing Efforts?

Most firms are failing to reach their full potential in terms of accounting marketing operations. Peter Graham, managing director of AcctWeb, an online marketing solution provider, noted that a majority of accounting firms do not have a solid infrastructure in place to appropriately market their services to current and prospective clients. Digital marketing is not … Read more

Australian Accounting Trends in 2015 Financial Year

As another financial year comes to an end for Australia and New Zealand (government), let’s review some of the accounting trends that has driven the industry: Growing Digital Economy Australia’s digital economy is growing at a rapid pace and has contributed $79 billion or 5.1 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, according … Read more