Hitting Industry Milestone with Incredible Insights and Discoveries

THE #IGNITECON2018 WRAP-UP THE BIGGEST OFFSHORING CONFERENCE FOR ACCOUNTANTS   5-minute read Two days went by so fast with conference delegates soaking in all the learnings and fun! Brilliant speakers with stimulating ideas, guests with the toughest questions, and networking opportunity make it all an experience to remember.   If you were there, or in case ... Read more

Diversify To Amplify: Why Accountants Should Build A Bookkeeping Division

4-minute read   The answer to this intriguing question boils down to one word: Diversification. In an accounting industry amidst massive disruption, this one word can be the difference to winning or losing the future game. You will find out why below.   SHIFT IN STATUS QUO For the longest time, accountants have been considered ... Read more

Supercharge Your Firm’s Capacity By Growing Your Global Accounting Team

Supercharge your firm capacity
[header_title header_tag="h3" add_title="Get to know the potential of your team at The Outsourced Accountant"] 6-minute read   Supercharging your firm’s capacity will require you to accomplish a number of key strategies. One of the most crucial is getting the right people on the right tasks in the right place. The idea here is simple, grow ... Read more

SMEs Want Accountants to Become a True Advisor and Partner – Exact

Accounting businesses want their service providers to step into the role of “true [business] advisor and partner” – this is what a survey from 750 U.S. small businesses in the accounting, manufacturing, wholesale and professional services has revealed. B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) firm Exact, in partnership with Pb7 Research, conducted the said study to understand what … Read more

5 SMSF Blogs Accountants Should Be Following

For people who want full control, self-managed super fund (SMSF) may be the best way to save for retirement. It is perfectly suitable for those who want to be in charge of their own investment, and have considerable time and skills when it comes to finance. If you want advice on setting up and running your … Read more

The Changing Roles of Accountants Today

The roles of accountants around the world have been changing over the past decades, and these professionals are slowly learning to embrace the increased responsibilities that their career demands. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), in cooperation with the University of Bath in the United Kingdom, carried out a research called Accounting trends in a borderless world … Read more

The Big Opportunity for Accountants

The shifting environment in the accounting profession presents a big opportunity for accountants to expand their roles in their industry. A study conducted by Intuit revealed that out of 500 small business owners operating in a range of industries including retail, IT/communications and services in Australia, 43 percent are running without an accountant or bookkeeper. … Read more