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Providing thought leadership and expertise with tested-and-proven strategies in the outsourcing and offshoring space, Nick thrives in empowering firms to unlock their true potential, add more value to their clients, and help them build successful businesses for themselves and for their clients.

Podcast Host – The Offshore Accountant

Breaking myths and sharing truths about offshoring are the aims of The Offshore Accountant podcast.  Here, accounting firm owners, partners, and decision makers share valuable insights on how they have built thriving businesses by building global teams with The Outsourced Accountant.

Chairman – The Outsourced Accountant

Nick and his team at The Outsourced Accountant are currently working with close to 1000 and growing number of specialist accountants and support staff from the high-performing offshore teams of clients across ANZ, North America and the UK. 

How to Build and Maintain a High-performing Offshore Team
Capacity and Planning for Your Accounting Firm
Building Your Accounting Firm’s In-house Bookkeeping and Finance Divisions
How to Leverage Cloud Technology to Maximise Return on Investment
Futureproofing Your Accounting Workforce
Hiring the Right People With the Right Skills for the Right Roles at the Right Cost
Developing Effective People and Communications Strategies
Implementing a Development and Training Program for Your Team

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