About Us

We are the specialist and global leader in providing dedicated accounting and professional support staff for your firm.

Built specifically for accountants, we help provide highly skilled, full time employees who are a dedicated part of the team.

We Help Firms

Become more efficient. Become more structured. Deliver more value to the clients than ever before.

Over the last 5 years, we have grown with over a thousand highly qualified accountants and support staff. We can help you grow with the same insights from our experiences and client community.

Accountants Are Buried In Workflow

There is a BIG GAP in the amount of time firms want to spend with clients vs. actual


 Not being proactive Less value for clients
 Decreased productivity Less value for firms
 Longer hours No work-life balance

From our roadshows across the country, speaking and workshopping with hundreds of accounting firms – it’s clear that more need to be done to improve capacity and outcomes for accounting clients.

The leading accounting firms work with us to build scale, capacity and service into their firms.