It all starts with consultation. Our Global Team Specialists have over 15 years experience in helping firms to build highly successful offshore teams. It’s a long term play, but has an immediate upside because you get the capacity you need, now. They have worked with hundreds of firms to make this transition and are more than happy to take you through insights of how leading accounting firms have done this.

We also have over 100 support staff  to help take care of all the essential offshore processes, so you can focus on growing your team and service to your clients. From specialist recruitment teams, human resources, IT and security, your client support, training, running the facilities, transport … we’ve got you covered.

We offer you FULL support.


  • Lean on consultants and the accounting community for help and to get started.
  • Process before IT solutions.
  • Record your process sessions, get the offshore team to document and return (it’s faster and = training).
  • Start broad, then narrow.
  • Move fast – it’s a hot candidate market and a war for talent.
  • Trainability is high.
  • Invite your new hire to your local office.
  • Some firms are running with 2-3 team members to start to get capacity fast and to create a stronger support and training group.
  • Have a senior team member act as quality control in trainee-trainer mode.
  • Some firms have this person client facing.