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KIMBERLEY MIDDLEMIS: Longevity Starts With Inclusivity


In this episode, I interviewed Kimberley Middlemis, Partner at Adrians Chartered Accountants. With family-owned businesses as their main clientele, they have an effective people strategy that other firms may want to follow.

Kimberley shared how they treat all members the same way and always include them in all processes. Communication also plays a major role in their day-to-day operations which results in happy and satisfied employees. With plans of expansion on the horizon, Adrians is gearing up for more improvements in terms of reporting and feedback.


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  • Investing in your people
  • The power of communication in keeping employees happy
  • Finding good talent and spreading them out in different locations to minimise risks
  • Setting five-year plans for the team
  • Establishing a strong relationship with the offshore provider




“We’re looking for longevity, great team that wants to stick around for a long period of time.”


“We always try to, no matter where you are, treat you the same way. We wanna make sure that everyone is treated equally.”


“Every team member needs to know that they have a future that they are looking forward to.”


“It is really important that you visit the location to know where your team members are going to be. Have a strong relationship with the senior team of the provider. “


“Ask lots and lots of questions.”


“The global team plays an essential part of our future story.”




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