How To Deliver Consistent Quality Work And Achieve Firm Stability

The need to scale and the realisation that their resources is best utilised by getting professional offshoring help, My Accountants turned to The Outsourced Accountant. Through thorough planning, they were able to establish systems and processes—crucial factors in managing an efficient offshore team. Ultimately, because of consistent quality work, My Accountants gained firm stability. 


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In this episode, Nick and I talked about: 


  • How thorough planning is crucial in moving forward efficiently 
  • The importance of establishing systems and processes so your offshore team can work seamlessly 
  • Hiring a dedicated manager to constantly monitor your team 
  • The value of having a consistent offshore team that is always there to meet demands and exceed expectations 
  • The mistakes they committed early on and how they were able to bounce back  
  • How the turnover level for their offshore team is significantly low compared to their onshore team 
  • The transparency with their clients in terms of having an offshore staff 
  • Plans for team growth 




“We realised that doing it ourselves is not the best use of our resources.” 


On choosing The Outsoured Accountant: “We’re very keen for our team in the Philippines to have the best facilities available and for them to have the same comfort we have here (onshore). And that is what TOA delivers.” 


On the challenges they initially faced: “We really fumbled around during the first year. We needed to assess if we made the right decision and discovered that our systems and processes were the issue and not TOA.” 


“Before the decision is made, plan carefully. Let’s focus and make sure that all the systems and processes are planned.” 


On their offshore team: “They are super consistent and stable. They are always there. They are super responsive to emails and they get the job done.” 


On misconceptions about offshoring: “Apprehension gets shattered immediately once the work is done. The offshore team is just as good (as the onshore staff).” 


“We have some serious growth targets. Strong topline growth that should be sustained offshore and onshore.”




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