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Delivering Higher Quality Services Faster Through Offshoring with Chris Green

Long has there been a misconception that quality suffers when you offshore. Nothing could be further from the truth. Being in highly competitive niche markets like the hospitality and food service industries, Chris Green knows that they need to punch things out better and faster than their competitors.

For more than 21 years now (and offshoring for 10 years), Chris has built businesses that thrive in their chosen niche markets. This is in large part because of her offshore team who have become so efficient that her local team can focus on what matters most – their clients.


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  • Higher Quality Services At A Fraction Of The Cost
  • Better Testing Before And Better Training During Are Essential
  • Building Consolidated Systems and Operations Manuals
  • Busting The Myth That Service Quality Is Decreased By Offshoring
  • Why And How Time Can Be A Critical KPI And Business Driver




“People say quality is bad but that is SO WRONG. Filipinos desire quality results to succeed. The quality can exceed what you can do in Australia.”


“Quality drives everything that we do. We can now offer so much more because we can do it better and faster.”


“Learn to delegate everything as you can afford it. This isn’t always easy for a perfectionist or someone hungry to know how things work from the ground up. While I’m a quality fiend, I’ve learnt that perfection is overrated.”


“Listen more than you tell so you can learn the culture, challenges and beliefs – no matter which country you offshore in. You will pick up nuances that help make better decisions.”




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