Empowering Offshore Teams For Better Quality Solutions With Brad Cowley

Offshore teams are integral to businesses because they take over some of the most crucial aspects of running an enterprise: client support and compliance preparation. For Brad Cowley of IGnite Accounting & Financial Services, the Manila Team has been a tremendous help for his onshore team, which focuses on client tax planning and business advisory.

He also shares how investing in a global team is worth the investment. It has paved the way for them to provide a level of quality to clients that they otherwise would be unable to if they only have Australian-based resources.


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  • Empowering your staff for more efficient client management
  • Effective ways to engage your team members from both locations
  • Building better quality solutions for clients
  • Using automation to manage clients more efficiently
  • Reducing client count to increase quality services
  • Importance of developing processes and procedures from the onset
  • Bridging gaps through cloud technology




“Invest time and develop trust. They want to know that they can trust you. They want to know they can speak without being ridiculed. It is crucial from the outset.”


“We were up to 600 clients and while our team is not that big, we were able to manage the volume through automation. The overall goal is to reduce the 600 down to 400 to 300 and further expand the quality of service.”


“When you get through offshoring, it’s like having a staff member at your office. I learned the culture aspect and at the end of the day, there is not much of a difference.”


(On advice for those looking to set up an offshore team): “Think about what you want to achieve first. And then work out where you want the roles to sit.”


“Close the gap between the onshore and offshore team members by embracing cloud technology.”


(On training team members): “Build them up to succeed as opposed to not providing them the tools to succeed.”




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