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Deal With Your Firm’s Growing Pains With These Offshoring Tips From Luke Gheen

Many firms experience challenges in meeting client expectations due to the lack of suitable workforce that has the right skills and experience. These firms are prone to biting off more than they can chew and when this happens, client deliverables suffer. And that can lead to a downward spiral.

In this episode, Luke Gheen of Gheen & Co. talked about his firm’s inspiring journey to offshoring success. He shared the growing pains—from client turnovers to not being able to find talents with just the right skills and experience to stabilizing client deliverables.


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  • Importance of tax planning and having a maintenance plan
  • Challenges of recruiting local staff and its effect client deliverables
  • Focusing on aspects of the business that you actually enjoy
  • Capacity issues




“After talking to Cameron about our needs a few times, we decided that building an offshore staff was critical to our future growth.”


“Decide how you will reorganize your onshore team to work with the offshore team. You have to be intentional. It won’t happen by osmosis. If your onshore team continues business as usual and pretends like the offshore team isn’t there, you won’t get much value out of your offshore team.”


“If there is anything lacking, it’s simply a training issue, not a capability issue. That’s why we have such a detailed training plan, because we want our offshore team to become just as capable as our onshore team.”


“If you provide great training, feedback and ongoing direction you’re likely to have a high-functioning team.”




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