Ross Dougall

Ross heads up our client teams. These teams are experts in helping you to understand what’s possible, walk you through how leading firms have developed high performing offshore teams, connect you with firms already doing so, and to be a key resource for you throughout your entire journey with The Outsourced Accountant.

Our Global Team Specialists And Account Management Team

Our consultants come armed with 15-20 years experience in finance, accounting and building an offshore team. They are here to provide no-obligation consultation so that you know what is possible. And when ready, help get you prepared for a successful start. If you haven’t spoken to your specialist, you can simply book a 15-minute consultation right now. They are a wealth of knowledge and key reason why some firms can get up and running 6-12 months faster than others.

Our service and support of our clients are essential. Not only do we connect you with experts already offshoring we ensure you have a dedicated account manager to accelerate onboarding and ensure you have all the support you need. Our account managers will work closely with you all the way through your talent acquisition, recruitment, onboarding and be your primary point of contact from there onwards.

Nick Benfield
Global Team Specialist (North America)

Shanil Rambharos
Global Team Specialist

Marie Ware
Account Manager

Cathy Lockyer
Account Manager

Claire Guerin
Account Manager

Your Support Team

We are experts in building global teams and have over 100 dedicated support staff to help manage the offshore operations and support you! 

Sales Support

Our highly experienced team will help get you started and support your relationship throughout your journey with us.

Talent Acquisition

Operating career centres in Manila and Clark, our specialist recruitment team hunts for and attracts the top tier talent so you don’t have to. From CPAs to CFO experience.

Human Resources

We place a high value on employee engagement and well-being. Our HR team puts the vital work on the ground to help ensure your team is well looked after.

Client Relationship Management

We have key liaison staff working with you to support you and your team in the Philippines. You’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager and Account Manager.

IT and Security

We provide all the necessary on-the-ground services for your offshore team We can also help connect you with experts to ensure your data is protected.


We have a number of free and paid programs from induction through to accredited CPD points. We can work with you to custom and support your team development.


Running a high-performing offshore team is not an easy task. We take the hassle out of operations with support from our executive team all the way through to facilities, transport and operations management on the ground.


We  invest in events across the industry and our accounting community. It’s essential that we help connect you with the experts who have been there, done that so you can build capacity as effectively as possible.

Quick Tips On Recruitment 

We are experts in building global teams and have over 100 dedicated support staff to help manage the offshore operations and support you!

  • 1

    You will receive at least 3 candidate profiles from our talent team within 10 business days to consider for the role you are wanting to fill.

  • 2

    You will review and assess the profiles and then get back to us within 2 business days.

  • 3

    In business days we’ll arrange to have you talk to the candidate via Skype with a Client Experience Manager.

  • 4

    Decide whether or not to hire after the last interview which should be no more than 2 business days.

  • 5

    Please note that it may take longer to recruit more complex roles.

Finding The Right Talent

It’s a hot candidate market. Make sure to check out the key points from this webinar on Winning The Talent Game.

Winning The Talent Game – Webinar Recording