Becoming The Million Dollar Accountant – Getting Absolute Return On Your Time

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Are you looking to grow your accounting firm? It’s time to work ON your firm, not IN it.

It’s time to not just write up your client’s history but help them make history!

In this webinar – find out how to determine the absolute highest dollar-productive activities of your time and achieve the results you really want for your firm

Time is not an excuse. If you want to achieve sustainable growth, you have to make time.

Make time to join Rob Nixon, accounting industry influencer and thought leader, as he takes you through the how-to methodologies that has helped 175,000 firms across the globe increase profit, enhance capacity, and achieve sustainable revenue growth.

Rob has coached 450+ firms to add close to $1B in new profit and his landmark strategies and products are currently being used by 16,000 accountants in over 20 countries.

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Key Topics

How to develop a mindset that will empower you to effectively implement the strategies you need to grow your firm

How to determine the absolute highest dollar-productive activity of your time and achieve the results you really want for your firm

Implement a three-step process to expand your services portfolio beyond compliance

How to hit your firm’s revenue growth target within a specific time period

How to implement a team development strategy to grow and scale your accounting firm faster

Save up to 90% on the cost of an accounting team member, who focus on work behind the computer/phone … so you can be with clients

Resource Speakers

Nick Sinclair  
Chairman, The Outsourced Accountant  

Rob Nixon  
Accounting Business Success Coach, Mentor, & Facilitator

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