Leadership and Development Training


The Training Department creates and develops courses based on an extensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) conducted for each employee. The TNA identifies potential knowledge and skills gap and addresses these through various courses readily available to team members.

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Improve your professional skill sets to gain that opportunity for an upward mobility in your career while adding value to the organisation.
Obtain a tangible recognition of your experience essential for your professional endeavour.
Develop a personal connection with fellow team members through staff interaction.
Return to your job refreshed, motivated, energised and feeling valued by your organisation.
Improve your work performance and increase your employability.

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member and staff training for 2017

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We have amazing training programs, basic and advanced — both free and paid.
Team members get to improve not just their skills but also empower them to climb the corporate ladder.

We are now booking up for 2017, so discuss with your team and book in ASAP!

[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4264″ font_color=”#07304c” body_text=”This module will train new hires on the concept of a specified country’s accent, familiarise with its geography & culture, and customer service best practices.
” heading_widget=”SOFT SKILLS TRAINING”]Topic Outline:

  • Accent Training – Voice Quality, Accent
  • American/UK Accent, US/UK Geography Culture
  • Geography, Cities and States, Time Zones, Culture and Traditions
  • Customer Service – Basic Customer Service Skills and Types of Clients


[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4273″ font_color=”#07304c” body_text=”This course introduces basic accounting principles for a business. Topics include the accounting cycle with end-of-period statements and general trial balance and adjustments exercises while observing the commonly accepted accounting principles.” heading_widget=”INTRODUCTION TO ACCOUNTING – BOOKKEEPING”]Topic Outline:

  • Intro to Accounting
  • Types of Financial Statements
  • Three forms of Business Organization
  • Five Categories of Accounts
  • Accounts Classification
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Trial Balance and Adjustment


[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4271″ font_color=”#07304c” body_text=”An in-depth understanding on how to get the heart of the matter and achieve customer satisfaction.

Topic Outline:

  • Identify how to get to the heart of the matter
  • Recognise what your clients want
  • Enumerate how to create a great impression even if you can’t deliver exactly what they want
  • Discuss how to create positive interactions your clients want to talk about
  • Enumerate ways on how to become a total package


[header_title color_title=”#07304c” header_tag=”h2″ border_color=”#07304c” add_title=”How to Book”]

For Clients:

  1. Check the list of courses available for the Team Members.
  2. Alternatively, discuss with your team members and have them sign up on the focus training course for the month.
  3. Send request/approval to CEM or Head of Training.

For Team Members:

  1. Check the list of courses available for your specific group.
  2. Fill out the Training Request Form.
  3. Seek permission from your client or manager.
  4. Send the soft copy of the Training Request Form together with the approval of your client or manager.
[header_title color_title=”#ffffff” header_tag=”h2″ border_color=”#ffffff” add_title=”For TOA Support Staff”]
[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4269″ font_color=”#ffffff” body_text=”This module condensed from the book ‘Who moved my Cheese’ deals on how to cope up with change with personal and work-related changes.” heading_widget=”WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? “]Topic Outline:

  • Relate your character based on the story
  • Enumerate the Handwritings on the Wall
  • List the Principles of Change
  • Relate the figures on the story to your own’s priorities
  • Explain the handwritings based from experience; and
  • Relate changes not just to personal life but to work as well


[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4270″ font_color=”#ffffff” body_text=”Conflict Management deals with on different stages of conflict; how to manage and tips on how to resolve conflict.” heading_widget=”CONFLICT MANAGEMENT”]

  • Identify the two factors of conflict
  • Enumerate the 5 styles of conflict resolution
  • Discuss the Steven Covey Principle
  • Differentiate constructive from destructive conflict
  • List conflict resolution skills
  • Steps before and when approaching the other party
  • Define hot buttons and tips on how to control
  • Benefits of conflict resolution, and identify stages of conflict


[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4275″ font_color=”#ffffff” body_text=”Effective Coaching is based from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey that deals on how to effectively provide coaching using the DRGRAC approach as contrary to the sandwich approach of coaching, with related activities and exercises.” heading_widget=”PROVIDING EFFECTIVE COACHING”]Topic Outline:

  • Define what coaching is
  • Identify the 4 Step Coaching Process
  • Use variety of Coaching Techniques
  • Provide Support and Follow-through Activities


If you are member of the TOA Support Staff, avail these courses offered at no cost all. Learn how to be more effective
in your field of expertise by enrolling in out free training on basic and advanced management courses.

[header_title color_title=”#ffffff” header_tag=”h2″ border_color=”#ffffff” add_title=”How to Book”]

For Support Staff:

  1. Check the list of courses available for your specific group.
  2. Fill out the Training Request Form.
  3. Seek permission from your manager.
  4. Send the soft copy of the Training Request Form together with the approval of your manager.
[header_title color_title=”#07304c” header_tag=”h2″ border_color=”#07304c” add_title=”For TOA Leadership Members”]

[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4260″ body_text=”These are townhall trainings addressing to improve the quality of work, productivity, and adaptability. To be facilitated by a member of TOA Leadership Team or by a guest speaker.” heading_widget=”SCALING UP”]Scaling Up is for employees from front line employees to senior executives – to get aligned in contributing to the growth of a firm. The goal is to help the leadership team to create a company where the team is engaged; the customers are doing your marketing and everyone is making money. To accomplish this, Scaling Up focuses on the four major decision areas every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.[/widget_service]

[widget_service title_image=”4522″ icon_image=”4274″ body_text=”An addition to the roster of townhall sessions, this course tackles dependability, judgement, and accountability in the workplace with a focus on the projecting business profits.” heading_widget=”PREDICTABLE REVENUE”]A training based on the book Predictable Revenue – this aims to strengthen the lead generation aspect of a business. Based on the author’s experience of having to create an outbound sales team from scratch, this takes you through the challenges of initially starting the team, to the breakthrough moments, to the best practices that have helped Salesforce.com create a $100 million outbound sales machine.[/widget_service]


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Recently held training courses for TOA team members are below. Certificates of completion were given by
the Head of Training Niño Velasco together with Country Manager Alex Macario.




To upgrade the facilitation skills of our TOA presenters for Induction, seven of our support employees went through the Train the Trainers for Presentation and Facilitation Skills Training for Induction. Another session will be rolled out this month for the other department speakers.


The course discusses on the components of accent i.e., intonation, liaison, and pronunciation which includes discussion and activities.


An in-depth understanding on how to get to the heart of the customer’s concern and deliver customer satisfaction.


This workshop-based training covers prioritisation of tasks based on importance and value and the four quadrants of time management.


Facilitation skills training discusses the Bloom’s taxonomy of objectives, the gap approach, the difference between pedagogy and andragogy and facilitation tips on how to effectively manage a learning session.


An Accounting 101 seminar to equip you with the right knowledge and skill sets for the ins and outs of the financial and management sides of the business. After this training, expect to understand Accounting as a tool that you can use in actual situations of your chosen field.


An overview on how to use the application from creating boards and making schedules to sharing and sending reports to other stakeholders.