Karbon Webinar

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Nick Sinclair and Jamie Johns, share valuable insights from their outsourcing journey — key benefits, biggest challenges, and how to overcome them — in this webinar hosted by Karbon Accounting Practice Advisor Wayne Schmidt.

This webinar outlines a plan on how to develop a long-term strategy to grow your firm. But it’s not without complications, and it’s tough to know where to begin. Learn where and how to start your outsourcing journey.

Key insights:
  • The type of outsourcing model that The Outsourced Accountant provides
  • How to deal with outsourcing challenges (e.g. time zone and cultural differences)
  • The key benefits to reap from outsourcing
  • What makes outsourcing a success
  • How to train and manage an offshore team
  • The best approach to inform clients you are outsourcing
  • Tips from accounting business owners when starting to outsource

Nick Sinclair
CEO, The Outsourced Accountant

Nick drives The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) – a fast-growing outsourcing firm with an Australian-based executive team delivering dedicated outsourcing solutions for Accounting and Finance firms across ANZ and the US.

From running his own financial planning firm to becoming the CEO of TOA, Nick’s offshoring journey has also helped many firms in the industry grow in capacity and productivity giving them the efficiency to offer more value for their clients.

Jamie Johns
CEO, Sky Accountants

A leading practitioner and one of TOA’s clients, Jamie is passionate about motivating clients to follow their vision and give them the knowledge, tools, and confidence to achieve whatever they set their mind to.

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If you are having capacity restraints, are looking to grow your business,
or just want to know what’s possible with outsourcing,
we’re ready to help.