Accounting As You Know It Has Changed.

The accounting industry is changing, and accounting Partners and Directors are faced with a choice. Either become a “Firm of the Future”, or face a slow but inevitable death.

  • Market Force #1:

    Price Pressure

    Due to advances in cloud accounting technology, clients expect to pay less for compliance and administrative services.

  • Market Force #2:

    Talent Crisis

    Attracting and retaining qualified accountants is hard, and wage costs are high, causing margins to be squeezed on lower-value jobs.

  • Market Force #3:

    Capacity Crunch

    There aren't enough hours in the week to get through the procedural work and still leave enough time for high margin strategic work.

  • Market Force #4:

    Intense Competition

    Your competitors used to be based across town. Now they may be based across the country, or even across the globe.

The answer to these challenges lies in adding a highly-qualified offshore team who can perform your administration and compliance tasks for around 1/3 the cost, freeing up your local team to truly add value to your clients’ future business plans.

Building The Accounting Firm Of The Future.

The Outsourced Accountant was founded by Nick Sinclair in 2014. At the time, Nick was an accounting firm owner who was experiencing the changing marketplace first hand.

He started an offshore accounting team in the Philippines and almost immediately started to see the benefits. Work could be done faster, cheaper and more profitably – all at the same time!

Before long, other accounting firms asked if they could join his team, and the rest is history. Since then, The Outsourced Accountant has grown to an organisation with 2034+ accounting staff from 550+ global firms, backed up by 100+ support staff and a dedicated senior management team.

We're Proud To Have Helped Hundreds Of Firms Overcome Their Capacity Challenges And Hit Their Profitability Growth Goals

We Take Care Of ALL The Details So You Can Focus On Growing Your Firm And Serving Your Clients

From initial consultation, through to recruitment, facilities management, maintaining an awesome culture, equipment setup and initial training: we provide all the services to support your dedicated offshore team.

  • Initial strategy
  • IT & Security
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Training
  • Learning & Development
  • Human Resources
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Operations

What Other Leading Accounting And Bookkeeping Firms Are Saying About The Outsourced Accountant

There are a lot of possibilities and we’re all excited to see how big this can get

It’s been probably two years since we started working with TOA and it’s going great. There’s no complaints with our current team member and her communication is awesome.

We wanted to find somebody that shared our mindset and goals. In particular, we went into this process looking for somebody who could lead the team over there as it develops. We’ve been very clear with our first hire, Jam, that this role might morph more into a leadership position.

We want her to grow with us. There are a lot of possibilities and we’re all excited to see how big this can get. You hear about teams with five, six or seven members – we’d love to do the same. I’m excited to see Jam step up and manage a team like that when it happens.

Chad Heit

Heit CPA & Associates, Newport Beach, USA

If we had 14 spots, we would have hired each and every one of them

Our outsourcing journey started with not being able to find quality temporary tax season help, which made past tax seasons a disaster. We wanted to make things better, so we started to play with the idea of outsourcing.

Our employees know that their jobs aren’t on the line. They see this as a way to move them up so they can be in leadership roles and have extra support from overseas.

TOA had lined up 14 interviews for us. Before the day of the interviews we received all the resumes and the test scores. It was really neat to see the proficiency of knowledge and English. We ended up hiring seven staff in total.

Our president said if we had 14 spots, we would have hired each and every one of them because he just enjoyed all of them so much!

Stephanie Flansburg

Verdant Accounting, Omaha, USA

It’s a huge force multiplier and a competitive advantage for us

We had a lot of difficulty finding qualified accountants in the States. Another CPA friend told us about TOA. Honestly, I don’t think we had thought about it at all as a potential option, but we were very open to it once we heard about it.

We love our TOA team. They’re just like a regular part of our team, just they’re thousands of miles away. We have four staff accountants. They do a full range of work for our clients from bookkeeping, sales tax, business and personal returns, basic tax planning.

It’s economically is a great advantage. It’s a huge force multiplier and a competitive advantage for us. We’ve got a vision for growing our firm’s revenue, but finding qualified CPAs has always been a sticking point… Now we’re able to bring on more clients faster. So that’s a big win for us.

Mark Tuggle

Gheen and Company CPA, Colorado Springs, USA

TOA gives you more time and more resources to do the things that you actually want to do

TOA has given me more resources within my admin team at the office. The offshore team does not get interrupted the same as the receptionist does back in the office or the same as the other administration person. They don’t get the same phone calls from clients. They don’t get the same interruptions as interactions are done via email or via Skype.

TOA gives you more time and more resources to do the things that you actually want to do. You can then get TOA to do the things that you don’t necessarily want to do.

Debra Houghton

Gilligan Sheppard, Auckland, NZL

We’ve probably doubled in size

We’re very focused on helping our clients grow and improve their business. A lot of what we do is bookkeeping. We believe that if we control the data, we control the client. So if you can get your bookkeeping right, everything that flows on from there becomes simple. We needed to be able to scale up that part of our business. We haven’t been able to find the people that we need over in Australia, and we were able to find them here in the Philippines. So it’s been a great experience.

The role that our offshore team play will become an integral part of the business moving forward. Our business in Australia has gone through a phenomenal period of growth over the last 18 months. We’ve probably doubled in size. The team that we’ve put in TOA has allowed us to do that. As we bring on more and more clients, we’ll put more and more people on, and I expect that our existing team will be able to train them up.

Robert Koch

RWK Accountancy, Bunbury, AUS

I’ve had rapid growth of clients and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without TOA

Our office is pretty much at capacity now and it was difficult trying to find accountants to come to the suburbs. I looked at a few options before choosing TOA. I liked that they specialized in accounting.

The recruitment team is really accommodating and very, very accessible. We’ve expanded our practice rapidly over the last three years. I now have eight staff in Australia and I have three staff in the Philippines. I’ve had rapid growth of clients and I wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without TOA.

Bernie Gore

Care Accounting, Sydney, AUS

“What Kind Of ROI Can I Expect?”

Many accounting and bookkeeping firms are initially attracted by the potential cost savings of outsourcing.

This is certainly one benefit: an offshore team member costs around 1/3 of the local equivalent.

However, this strategy is about much more than cost savings. It’s a way to deliver procedural work quickly and cost-effectively, freeing up your onshore team for more strategic and higher-margin work.

So although the Return On Investment is certainly impressive – in many ways this is a GROWTH strategy and not just a cost-reduction strategy.

  • Lower Your Cost Base
  • Expand Your Capacity
  • Increase Profit Margins
Exponential Returns

What Roles Are Available? These And More:

We have over 2034+ staff members who are working with more than 550+ accounting and bookkeeping firms on a vast array of tasks. These include:


Connect with skilled accounting professionals with deep experience across all facets of accounting practices.


Tap into a pool of bookkeeping experts to help clients make better operating, investing and financing decisions.

SMSF Accountant

Provide a more holistic service by helping clients manage the compliance and paperwork associated with their SMSF.

Corporate Secretary

Implement and oversee efficient administration. And ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Client Service Assistant

Build stronger relationships with your client base. Improve communications and better understand their needs.


Outsource tedious admin tasks like data entry, CRM maintenance, reporting and ad hoc activities.

Executive Assistant

Maximise your time and optimise your schedule with a dedicated EA to manage your inbox and appointments.

Financial Planning Assistant

Provide extra support in the development and delivery of financial plans and analysis for clients.

Marketing Coordinator

Scale and optimise your online and offline marketing mix, including EDMs, advertising, design and social media.


Support your financial advisory team in the behind-the-scenes production of financial plans and analyses.

Mortgage Broking Assistant

Let your brokers focus on their highest value tasks with a broking assistant supporting them through the lending process.

Data Analytics

Convert data into meaningful insights that transcend compliance work and create real value for clients.

The Outsourced Accountant By The Numbers

Having an offshoring strategy is no longer something unusual or exotic. It’s an increasingly critical strategy for delivering the value that clients demand in today’s hyper-competitive environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of tasks can I outsource to my dedicated team?

    Almost any task can be outsourced as long as your team as the right expertise, resources, training and support.

    If you are new to outsourcing, we suggest that you start by systemising and outsourcing simple yet time consuming tasks. This is a good way for both the onshore and offshore team to build a culture of systemisation, training and communication. From there, the sky’s the limit.

    We’ll help you create an appropriate outsourcing strategy to suit your situation. Then we will assist with all facets of recruitment, onboarding, training and retention.

    Here are some examples of the types of activities that can be outsourced, broken down by function:

    Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Business Activity Statements (BAS), Cash-flow Forecasts, SMSF Business Advisory, Paraplanning, Payroll, Personal Accounting, Tax Preparation, SMSF Accounting, SMSF Auditing, Finance Brokerage, SMSF Bookkeeping, SMSF Tax Returns, Tax Planning, Estimation Of Assets, Inventory

    VOIP and Telephony, Inbound Calls, Help Desks, Software Development, General Admin, Client Support, Virtual Assistant, Appointment Setters.

    Admin Support, Executive Assistant, Corporate Secretarial, Client Servicing.

    Digital Marketing, Website Hosting, Branding, Market Research, Website Design and Development, Article Writing, SEO Services, Social Media Management, Video Editing, Graphics Designing

    Email Campaigns, Direct Marketing Outbound Calls.

    Document Conversions, Process Documentation, Data Input, Document Management.

  • How can I ensure my offshore team is productive, without having to spend too long supervising and checking their work?

    The level of engagement between both your teams will determine success. The best way to ensure your offshore team is productive, is to have a dedicated champion. This is someone who is responsible for overseeing your global accounting team.

    Make sure that your champion establishes regular meetings to train and review the global accounting team’s output. Just like any new hire, you’ll initially want to allow more time for questions and supervision and over time less training and supervision will be required.

    All high performing teams, onshore and offshore, thrive on a positive culture, feedback, trust and support. The most successful firms that we work with go to lengths to ensure their global staff feel like a valued part of their local team.

    If you approach global hires with the same leadership, training and support as you would an in-house hire, you can’t go far wrong.

  • I've tried outsourcing before but it didn't work for me. How is this any different?

    Firms can run into a number of common sticking points when establishing a global team, including:

    • Difficulty finding and retaining the right team members.
    • The time and effort spent training new staff.
    • Sub-par work output and productivity.
    • Communication and cultural challenges.
    • Security and privacy concerns.

    TOA was built from the ground up to help accounting professionals overcome these challenges and make their outsourcing endeavours a success.

    We are the leader in building high performing offshore teams to compliment your local efforts. We help firms become more efficient by providing full-time, dedicated staff, based in and working from our offices in the Philippines as part of your team.

    With 2034+ accountants and support staff helping more than 550+ firms, we deliver all the resources to help you grow. From transport, talent acquisition, facilities, IT and security, client support, local account management to education and a peer community for you, we’ve got you covered.

    You manage the workflow, we do the rest.

  • Shouldn't I be employing more people in my own town or city, not people overseas?

    We encourage firm owners to think of outsourcing as a growth strategy and not just a cost reduction strategy.

    The reality is that many firms who have embraced the global outsourcing trend are hiring MORE staff in their home town, not fewer, because they now have the margins that will allow growth.

    We believe the accounting firm of the future will have two offices:

    • One local office, containing your client facing team and your technical and review team (for your offshore office),
    • One offshore office, which handles all the back office workflow.

    This structure allows you to meet evolving client needs while also protecting your margins and freeing you up for growth.

  • What will my local team think?

    If this topic is managed and communicated well, it will actually empower your team and fast track the whole process.

    Some firm owners are scared their current staff will leave them as they will be worried about their own job security.

    The best way to engage your local team is to get them involved in the process. This can be achieved by following these steps:

    1. Empower the team with your firm’s vision
    2. Get them to write down tasks that can be outsourced
    3. Keep your team informed and give them ownership
    4. Reassure them and show them their jobs aren’t at risk

    To keep the team engaged, get them involved in the discussions and implementation of your strategy. Keeping them in the dark will only concern them and make them question what is happening.

    Remember, your firm needs to embrace the change, as this may be the biggest change your firm has made in some time. However, outsourcing can lead to significant and compelling benefits for your local team, including: greater job satisfaction, more meaningful engagements, greater earning potential and opportunities for growth.

  • What will my clients think?

    Many accounting partners and principals wonder about how their clients will accept the new outsourced component of your business.

    Worldwide, thousands of firms are making the shift to a “two office strategy”, so it’s clear that clients are coming along for the journey – but it’s worth considering the issues involved and how to navigate them successfully.

    The real lightbulb moment for clients is when they start experiencing the benefits of your new structure. Here’s an example of how you might communicate this change with clients:

    “Like you, we are operating a business and experience the same pressures as many of you. We wish to provide greater value by being more available and proactive with advice and solutions, whilst keeping our costs, and therefore fees, under control. We are now employing a number of strategies which we hope will enable us to do this, and remain competitive with the fees we charge.

    One of those strategies is to outsource some process work to assist your advisor. We currently have a relationship with a company which provides qualified accounting professionals 100% dedicated to our firm under our direct control, working from modern offices in the Philippines, trained on our systems. The firm operates to extremely high ethical, privacy and security standards.

    These accountants, whilst part of our business, have limited, audited access to our software and client information, that we constantly monitor ensuring no information is ever downloaded offshore. Thereby we are able to cost-effectively undertake accounting functions under our close supervision.”

    When you’re reaching out to clients proactively in advance of key deadlines… spending more “face time” with clients… and delving deeper into their businesses with higher-value solutions – clients really understand the value you offer.

  • Is this right for me?

    Is global outsourcing right for you? Maybe, maybe not. To find out more, simply request a 15-minute chat with one of our Global Offshoring Specialists. By the end of your initial phone call, you’ll usually know if this is something you’d like to explore further.

    If so, we’ll make a time to do that. If not, all you’ve risked is 15 minutes of your time.

    Find out more by reserving a time to chat now.

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