How Accounting Firms Built Capacity While Working 60+ Hours Per Week 

Learn how industry-leading firms are winning
the battle against capacity issues.

Feeling continually buried with work?

Overwhelmed with client demands?

Working 60+ per week?

It doesn’t have to be this way!  

In this webinar, we address the toughest capacity challenges by detailing
the people, process and technology strategies of industry-leading firms
to dramatically improve efficiency and free up your time! 

Tune in to learn more about:

How to get your time back

Attracting and retaining A-grade team members

The business case for having an offshore team

Which outsourcing models is the best fit for you

How to implement outsourcing strategies

Case studies

Resource Speaker

Nick Sinclair
Chairman, The Outsourced Accountant

A leading expert in outsourcing, offshoring, and building global teams for accounting firms, Nick is the Chairman and Founder of TOA Global – a company of 1,200+ specialist accountants and support staff servicing 350+ Firms in Australia and in the US.

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