The LEADER in outsourcing for Accountants and Finance firms.

Through outsourcing accounting work in the Philippines, you can now truly add value instead of being buried in compliance work and
failing to focus more on your client’s future business plans.

This Firm of the Future philosophy will allow you to spend 100% of your time adding value to clients.

We help you grow by providing

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In the Philippines who are a dedicated part of your team

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How We Help!

You focus on the workflow. We do the rest. YOU Grow.

From initial consultation, the recruitment process, facilities management, maintaining an awesome culture … through to equipment setup, initial training and much more. We have all the services to support your dedicated team member.

  • Consultation
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Human Resources
  • Client Support
  • IT & Security
  • Training
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Community
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We want out clients to be always satisfied with out work.
See what they have to say about us.

[testimonials][testimonial author_name=”Jamie Johns” author_job=”CEO and Founder – Sky Accountants ” author_img_id=”77″]Verne Harnish states there are 3 Barriers to Growth: Leadership, Scalability and Margins. TOA fixes the last one – period[/testimonial][testimonial author_name=”Nigel Plowman ” author_job=”Director – Sky Accountants ” author_img_id=”71″ author_link=”http://www.mckinleyplowman.com.au/”]“McKinley Plowman have used The Outsourced Accountant since 2014 and have continuously received excellent service. From the initial sourcing of candidates and interviews to the constant follow up and communication, the team at The Outsourced Accountant has exceeded our expectations. Along with the team at McKinley Plowman, my directors and I would not hesitate in recommending The Outsourced Accountant to anyone who is interested in securing an outsourced solution with a professional and caring company. A big thank you for your assisted efforts in helping our company expand as our business continues to grow. ”[/testimonial][testimonial author_name=”Justin Flavel” author_job=”Director – Omnis Group” author_img_id=”79″ author_link=”http://www.mckinleyplowman.com.au/”]“ We have outsourced before but this is different. Our offshoring experience with the outsourced accountant has been fantastic. The attention to detail and the care they provide our team members is exceptional. We believe our relationship and our team in the Philippines are our future advantage. ”[/testimonial][testimonial author_name=”Mark Said” author_job=”Partner – MKS Group” author_img_id=”75″ author_link=”http://www.mckinleyplowman.com.au/”]“ MKS Group has been using The Outsourced Accountant and hiring team members offshore since early 2014. Nick Sinclair and his team have assisted us in the process from start to finish and made it as painless as possible. We currently have 5 full time team members located in Clark and that number is set to grow – we have also increased our local head count at the same time. Nick’s team have been able to provide us with a skill set that other similar companies have struggled with – in less than 1 week after the brief was provided, we had a bank of 6 candidates to interview, and some were available for immediate start. We selected the initial 3, got them trained up and now they work quite autonomously. The next 2 were exactly the same. We expect our offshore team to increase over the next few months as our business grows – offshoring is now a way of life for us. ”[/testimonial][/testimonials][/vc_container]
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Over 70 support staff working together to help make your offshoring journey successful

[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY” icon_class=”fa fa-lock”]World-class digital services including high level data protection by a partner expert.[/icon_box]
[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”TALENT ACQUISITION” icon_class=”fa fa-id-card-o”]Operating in two career centres, our team attracts top-tier candidates who are degree holders, CPAs, or even with CFO experience.[/icon_box]
[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”HUMAN RESOURCES” icon_class=”fa fa-users”]From company events to personal advancement activities to social involvement, we take care of our most important stakeholder – our people.[/icon_box]
[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”TRAINING” icon_class=”fa fa-pencil”]Amazing training programs, basic and advanced, to upskill your staff and empower them in the workplace.[/icon_box]
[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”SALES SUPPORT” icon_class=”fa fa-handshake-o”]Your guide to ensuring the success of your journey with best practices, industry education and collaboration with the global community.[/icon_box]
[icon_box style=”side2″ title=”CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT” icon_class=”fa fa-user”]Your key liaison contact to help support you and your team.[/icon_box]
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Our Pricing

The Outsourced Accountant enables you to have your own dedicated resources in the Philippines.
Our pricing model is transparent and is a fixed cost per month. The fees charged are:

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[icon_box style=”boxed1″ icon_color=”blue” animation_type=”animated slideInDown” animation_duration=”0.3″ title=”Total fixed fee per month per employee” icon_class=”fa fa-check”][/icon_box]
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Monthly Membership Fee

The monthly membership fee includes your new team members work area and equipment, management and overall care and well-being. We manage the employee’s needs while you manage their workflow and training.

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