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We are the LEADER in outsourcing for Accounting firms.


Focus on the work you want to do locally so you can invest more time than ever before with clients.

We help you grow by providing

Highly Skilled

Full Time


in the Philippines who are a dedicated part of your team



We have the roles covered to help you grow.

Process-based tasks
Cashflow forecasts
Period end reconciliations
Reviewing accounts
Corporate secretarial work
Accounting / bookkeeping setup
Business Advisory
Management and KPI Reporting
Virtual/Executive assistant
General administration
Sales support and staff
Social media management
Document conversions

Roles And Your Team

If you’re looking for dedicated employees with a great attitude to help support and
grow your business, look no further.


Meet Our Happy Clients

We work with some of the highest performing accountants across the globe.
Check-in with their feedback and stories of building an offshore team.

[testimonials][testimonial author_name=”Jamie Johns” author_job=”CEO and Founder – Sky Accountants ” author_img_id=”77″]Verne Harnish states there are 3 Barriers to Growth: Leadership, Scalability and Margins. TOA fixes the last one – period …[/testimonial][testimonial author_name=”Justin Flavel” author_job=”Director – Omnis Group” author_img_id=”79″ author_link=”http://www.mckinleyplowman.com.au/”]“ We have outsourced before but this is different. Our offshoring experience with the outsourced accountant has been fantastic. …”[/testimonial][testimonial author_name=”Mark Said” author_job=”Partner – MKS Group” author_img_id=”75″ author_link=”http://www.mckinleyplowman.com.au/”]“ MKS Group has been using The Outsourced Accountant and hiring team members offshore since early 2014. … ”[/testimonial][/testimonials]
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How We Help


You focus on the workflow. We do the rest. YOU Grow.

From initial consultation, the recruitment process, facilities management, maintaining an awesome culture, through to
equipment setup and initial training. We have all the services to support your dedicated team member.

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Our Pricing


The Outsourced Accountant enables you to have your own dedicated resources in the Philippines.
Our pricing model is transparent and is a fixed cost per month.
Setting up a global team is a long term play with immediate upside. The fees charged are:

Membership Fee

Total fixed fee per month per employee

Direct Employee Cost

[_pricing_table photo_images=”7034″ table_color=”#eef9ff” text_color=”#ffffff” enable_button=”true” btn_value=”GET MORE INFO” link=”https://theoutsourcedaccountant.com/pricing/” table_price=”$700AUD | $550USD”][/_pricing_table]
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