Global outsourcing is an accelerating trend for accounting firms who want to remain on the forefront of client service, while keeping their team engaged and their profitability strong…

But is it right for you and your firm?

And if so, what’s the best way to explore further and find out more?

It’s questions like these that this initial chat is designed to answer.

Once you book a time, you’ll connect on the phone with one of our Global Team Specialists, usually for around 15 or 20 minutes to start with.

During this call, we’ll answer all your questions, such as:

  • Is my firm at the right stage for global outsourcing?
  • What roles could I hire?
  • What would the cost be? (Hint: it’s usually around one third of onshore costs)
  • I have a need for “X” – can you accommodate that?
  • I work in “Region XYZ” or with “Software ABC” — can your team work in with this
  • Plus any other initial questions you may have…

After this initial call, if we agree your firm may be a good fit and if you’d like to find out more, our team will develop a Free Outsourcing Strategy & Plan for you to consider.

There is no cost and no obligation to this call, but the upside potential is tremendous.


These Leading Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms Started With An Initial Consultation Too…

We’re using TOA to shift from number crunchers to business advisors

I found that we were doing a lot of day to day mundane work that was taking away from the time that we could spend really adding value to our clients in an advisory capacity. For us to be able to take on more clients and to be able to still offer that hands-on, high-touch service that we’re trying to create, we needed someone to help us with back office day-to-day tasks.

Nowadays we have all this technology and ways to automate a lot of the lower level tasks so that we can really be advisors for our clients. That really excites me. We’re using TOA to deliver more value to clients and shift from “number crunchers” to “business advisors”.

I think TOA will help us scale a lot faster. Up until now, I’ve been really hesitant to focus much on business development. I was scared to take on too many clients at once. Now it’s limitless how many clients I can take on because I have the support of the TOA team.

Nikole Mackenzie

Momentum Accounting, San Francisco, USA

There are a lot of possibilities and we’re all excited to see how big this can get

It’s been probably two years since we started working with TOA and it’s going great. There’s no complaints with our current team member and her communication is awesome.

We wanted to find somebody that shared our mindset and goals. In particular, we went into this process looking for somebody who could lead the team over there as it develops. We’ve been very clear with our first hire, Jam, that this role might morph more into a leadership position.

We want her to grow with us. There are a lot of possibilities and we’re all excited to see how big this can get. You hear about teams with five, six or seven members – we’d love to do the same. I’m excited to see Jam step up and manage a team like that when it happens.

Chad Heit

Heit CPA & Associates, Newport Beach, USA

If we had 14 spots, we would have hired each and every one of them

Our outsourcing journey started with not being able to find quality temporary tax season help, which made past tax seasons a disaster. We wanted to make things better, so we started to play with the idea of outsourcing.

Our employees know that their jobs aren’t on the line. They see this as a way to move them up so they can be in leadership roles and have extra support from overseas.

TOA had lined up 14 interviews for us. Before the day of the interviews we received all the resumes and the test scores. It was really neat to see the proficiency of knowledge and English. We ended up hiring seven staff in total.

Our president said if we had 14 spots, we would have hired each and every one of them because he just enjoyed all of them so much!

Stephanie Flansburg

Verdant Accounting, Omaha, USA

It’s a huge force multiplier and a competitive advantage for us

We had a lot of difficulty finding qualified accountants in the States. Another CPA friend told us about TOA. Honestly, I don’t think we had thought about it at all as a potential option, but we were very open to it once we heard about it.

We love our TOA team. They’re just like a regular part of our team, just they’re thousands of miles away. We have four staff accountants. They do a full range of work for our clients from bookkeeping, sales tax, business and personal returns, basic tax planning.

It’s economically is a great advantage. It’s a huge force multiplier and a competitive advantage for us. We’ve got a vision for growing our firm’s revenue, but finding qualified CPAs has always been a sticking point… Now we’re able to bring on more clients faster. So that’s a big win for us.

Mark Tuggle

Gheen and Company CPA, Colorado Springs, USA

TOA gives you more time and more resources to do the things that you actually want to do

TOA has given me more resources within my admin team at the office. The offshore team does not get interrupted the same as the receptionist does back in the office or the same as the other administration person. They don’t get the same phone calls from clients. They don’t get the same interruptions as interactions are done via email or via Skype.

TOA gives you more time and more resources to do the things that you actually want to do. You can then get TOA to do the things that you don’t necessarily want to do.

Debra Houghton

Gilligan Sheppard, Auckland, NZL

We’ve probably doubled in size

We’re very focused on helping our clients grow and improve their business. A lot of what we do is bookkeeping. We believe that if we control the data, we control the client. So if you can get your bookkeeping right, everything that flows on from there becomes simple. We needed to be able to scale up that part of our business. We haven’t been able to find the people that we need over in Australia, and we were able to find them here in the Philippines. So it’s been a great experience.

The role that our offshore team play will become an integral part of the business moving forward. Our business in Australia has gone through a phenomenal period of growth over the last 18 months. We’ve probably doubled in size. The team that we’ve put in TOA has allowed us to do that. As we bring on more and more clients, we’ll put more and more people on, and I expect that our existing team will be able to train them up.

Robert Koch

RWK Accountancy, Bunbury, AUS


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