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Team Building 2017


Are you ready for another year of learning, teamwork, and connection?

This year, TOA brings innovative and fun team building activities that help employees learn to communicate, collaborate, make decisions and solve problems, through working with others. Now that TOA has grown to 500+, this event creates an opportunity for new TOA team members to achieve new levels of mindful teamwork, creative collaboration, and greater team spirit — TOAstyle!

Get set for a great day of team building with CEO updates, activities and a motivational speech from Mike Grogan, an international speaker who believes in the genius of the Filipinos, happening in two separate locations:




16 June 2017 @ Hotel Stotsenberg
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM


23 June 2017 @ The Selah Garden Hotel
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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3rd Anniversary and Christmas Party 2016


Superheroes, cartoon characters and kids-at-heart came together to party!

On Friday, 2 December, staff from Clark and Manila office gathered together to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary and annual Christmas Party at Royce Hotel in Clark, Pampanga. With the theme #ToaKidsAtWork, everybody went all out with their costumes — party guests dressed up as superheroes, cartoon characters, and in kiddie outfits.

Cocktails, great music and a dance floor full of high octane performances — all in one place, one night! This year, The Outsourced Accountant also launched its first ever TOA Star Search. All participants in the said competition received hot prizes. Five men and five women with the best kiddie outfits were hailed as Best Dressed of the Night. Cash prizes were also raffled off during the event, while three grand prize winners received an iPad Mini each.

The night was capped with groovy beats, bright lights, and everybody dancing!

See more photos from this party!

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Team Building 2016


“Training is not a cost. It’s an investment.”

Research shows that 40% of employees who receive poor training leave their positions within the first year. And because we value our team members as much as value our clients, TOA has developed a fun training program to keep the BEST people.


Showing off team colours — red, pink, yellow, purple and green — TOA team members joined together for a friendly team building competition on 10 June 2016 at the Hotel Stotsenberg. Blue skies and lots of Clark sunshine made it a perfect day for the Team Building.

All five teams were challenged with unique events that tested the best of the best in the areas of collaboration; creativity; communication; performance; and sportsmanship. Geared with good tactics, wit, and lots of energy, all team members put their heads together in an attempt to outwit their competition. It was the team that best maintain the fine balance of team spirit and competitiveness that earned the top spot!

As a final celebration, the winning team was awarded and the whole TOA team gathered together to capture the memorable event — the Team Building 2016 carrying the hashtag #TOAtogether.

Browse the gallery to witness the fun!

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Valentines Day

Love is all around —#TOASpreadLove

Can you feel it? Love is in the air and TOA people can’t help but celebrate this love-filled day. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to bring some loving energy and boost office spirit. As a celebration, the entire office was filled with festive Valentine treats and decorations.

Of course, we didn’t forget to put up a Photo booth where team members can head over for some photo souvenirs. Dressed in pink, everyone struck a pose with a smile on their faces.

The celebration continues as we got into the spirit of spreading love through our Best Love Story and Best Photo with Caption contents opened to all team members. All participants enjoyed squeezing their sweet creative juices to come up with the best piece of story and photo.

As we announced the winners, everyone took off with excitement. What a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s! Congratulations to all the winners, and participants.

Best in Love Story Best Photo with Caption
Maria-Fe Simon Reynamar Cabalu
Gypsy Salazar Roief Calderon
Analyn Pineda



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Australia Day

‘Straya Day is a chance ‘fer a barbie and time to catch up with ‘yer mates’.

Just a little Aussie-English to celebrate the laid-back national holiday —the Australia Day.

Celebrated on the 26th of January, Australia Day is a public holiday and varying traditions throughout the big brown land of Australia. For Aussies, it’s a perfect day to have a barbie (or BBQ) and to catch up with some mates (friends or acquaintances). So, here at TOA, we celebrated it the Aussie way. Loaded with sumptuous food and fun games, the air was filled with excitement and laughter as the team started the celebration.

All three teams — the Support Team and the Client-based Team which was divided into two — enjoyed the event especially the banana eating contest. Little did everyone know that instead of chocolate or Nutella, the bananas were coated with Australia’s famous spread — the Vegemite. But, hey! There’s no turning back for our mates.

It was a fantastic experience for all. In the end, everyone walked away with great memories and appreciation for the importance of celebrating the Australia Day.

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Anniversary & Christmas Party 2015

Time for a good party! 

How does a good year come to an end? Right! With a good party.

An occasion like this called for fun, glamour, and great people—and that’s exactly what the night delivered. The TOA team came together to have its Christmas Party last 11 December 2015 at Century Hotel. As the company was founded in 2013, we also took the opportunity to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

As the largest team celebration of the year, the night was filled with unforgettable and fun experiences. All team members gave their best on each performance, complete with grandiose outfits. There’s actually no need to declare a winner because everybody deserves to win. A+ for all the efforts mates!

This amazing experience will be remembered by team members long after the event. Looking forward to another great year of success and work-life balance mates! See you all again next year! Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season and a new year of peace and happiness!

[icon_box style=”boxed1″ title=”Personal Growth” icon_class=”fa fa-users”]

Our team members are committed to personal development. They show initiative in seeking out personal growth opportunities, making them well rounded and whole, outside of our company. Every team member is focused on solutions at all times. He contributes to and shares with the company’s success.


[icon_box style=”boxed1″ title=”Work-Life Balance” icon_class=”fa fa-balance-scale”]

 The company boasts a corporate culture of work-life balance – drawing the fine line between personal and professional lives. We want our team members to feel productive without feeling burnout. The work environment here is fun, relaxed, and creative. We hold social events and team buildings occasionally to build relationship and camaraderie with fellow members. We incorporate the different cultures of our clients with ours so that we can better apprehend and interact with them. With regular working hours and no weekend work, our team members have more time to relax and bond with their family and friends.


[icon_box style=”boxed1″ title=”Training” icon_class=”fa fa-book”]

We have developed a training division to train our team on ongoing tax and compliance updates, Xero certification and other relevant curriculum to further hone team members skills and knowledge; thus, developing them to be competitive and efficient.



We understand that business performance is not only measured by financial returns, but also by the impact of our activities and programs to the people.

Social responsibility is a part of our purpose as a company and our way of giving back to our community. We at The Outsourced Accountant are committed to LEAD BY EXAMPLE by building a harmonious relationship with the society and the environment where we live and operate.

Training Program

The Outsourced Accountant opens its doors to on-the-job training/practicum students who will undergo an extensive training and job immersion, with the possibility of being hired at the end of their OJT program.

Community Service

We tie-up with socio-civic organisations to help improve the lives of our local communities. At the same time, it gives our company the opportunity to strengthen our skills and build team relationships.

Relief Operations

We reach out to communities devastated by natural disasters by delivering humanitarian aid and assistance through fundraising and volunteering.