Customer Spotlight: Get Rapid Growth By Hiring The Right People

Care Accounting has come a long way in its offshoring journey with The Outsourced Accountant. Thanks to an incredibly hard-working staff, Bernie Gore has seen her firm experience pretty rapid expansion in the last three years.

From working out of her bedroom, Bernie now has teams both in Australia and the Philippines, is about to introduce a bookkeeping arm, and a growing staff both here and Australia.


“They’re fantastic. They’re really good, accommodating, and delightful. They’re welcoming and really look after me.”


What were the motivations to try offshoring?

  • There’s not really any additional area there for expansion
  • It was difficult to find accountants willing to work in the suburbs
  • There was a need to stay relevant as an accounting firm


What were you looking for in an offshore provider?

  • One that’s predominantly just for accountants
  • Partner that has a strong ethical approach to the treatment of employees
  • Good facilities and competitive pay


What do you love about TOA?

  • Process is efficient and really good
  • There’s been a lot of touch points
  • Recruitment is a swift process and the team is always super accommodating
  • Provided access to a really good pool of candidates


What are the best things about your offshore team?

  • They enjoy coming to work
  • They enjoy working with the people around them as well as their clients
  • Very accommodating


“They’re an integral part of our practice and that’s what we really wanted to do.”


Working with an offshore team has helped Care Accounting experience rapid growth in clients. They’ve improved capacity so much that they’re now introducing a bookkeeping arm.

If your firm is experiencing capacity problems and you want to have a reliable offshore team to help you add high-value services, then book a free 1-on-1 consult with us. Our global team specialists will discuss with you the many benefits of building an offshore team.

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Client Spotlight: How Offshoring Helps RWK Accountancy Grow Their Clients’ Businesses

In this edition of our Client Spotlight, Director Robert Koch of RWK Accountancy discusses the struggles they initially faced and how offshoring eventually helped them steer their firm in the right direction.

Small businesses face several challenges that can hinder success. Unless business owners find a more efficient way to deal with day-to-day operations, it might take a lot of time before they experience growth.

A survey conducted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland discovered the many challenges small businesses face. These include productivity and processes. Small businesses need to get the most out of every minute and every resource spent. They need to be productive to ensure profitability. Another essential issue business owners need to address is streamlining processes to ensure they are spending the right amount of time and energy on things that will actually contribute to their growth.

One simple way to address this is outsourcing.

That’s exactly what RWK Accountancy did to help their small business clients achieve the growth they need. Based in Western Australia, RWK Accountancy mostly deals with small businesses. The company doesn’t have a niche client and is focused on helping clients grow and improve their business.

What is RWK Accountancy?

RWK Accountancy has two offices in Western Australia. Most of what they do is book keeping. Robert believes that everything stems from efficient bookkeeping. If done properly, everything that follows will become simple.

They recognise the need to scale up this part of the business but they were unable to find the suitable people to fill in this gap in Australia. The Outsourced Accountant was able to connect them with the perfect people and it has been a great experience for the company so far.


client spotlight - robert koch

Integral part of the company

It’s crucial in any organisation to have a highly engaged team because that is synonymous to a highly productive team. RWK Accountancy has only been with TOA for less than a year but the staff they have now already plays an integral role in the firm.


“We started probably about 15 months ago and actually stopped at one point because we didn’t have robust enough processes. We started back again about six months ago and put on two people over in the Philippines and they seem to be working really well for us.”


While there wasn’t much doubts with outsourcing, the company initially encountered missteps because they didn’t have enough robust processes to train their staff and get them to accomplish the required tasks, so they had to stop. Eventually, they decided to give it another try and hired two people from the Philippines.  

Even though they’ve only been with TOA for less than a year, the company is delighted with the performance of the team. According to Robert, they are very engaged. And while they haven’t been used to their full potential just yet, the firm is confident that the team can and will perform extremely well.

Ready and hopeful for improvement

Communication is an integral factor in establishing a good working relationship in any organization, which is why the company makes sure to conduct Skype meetings to touch base or greet someone a happy birthday. According to Robert, this is something they will continue working on to ensure every team member has a clear understanding of their expectations in terms of the roles they play.

While it’s a little bit difficult, he believes it’s all good, especially since they’re still in the early stages. And as the company continues to grow over the last 18 months, the outsourcing team, which takes care of the most important element: bookkeeping, continuously does a tremendous job in providing consistent results that will benefit the company in the future.


As we bring on more and more clients we’ll put more and more people on. These girls will be able to train them up the way that we want the staff to be working in the future.”


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to scale your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, contact our local industry experts specialists for a consultation today at 1300 896 522.

Client Spotlight: Offshoring Is The Best Strategic Move For Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions

Businesses are bound to come across roadblocks and discover gaps in their services. To continue providing excellent services to clients, they need to learn how to fill these gaps and find employees who are highly dependable.

Meet Craig Jamieson, Director, Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions

After discovering a gap in their client services, Craig Jamieson, director of Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions, realized they needed to bring someone on board; someone dependable and trustworthy. And that’s exactly what they got with our help.

Established 5 years ago, Jamiesons Strategic Growth Solutions is an accounting firm that does a combination of compliance work and business advisory, which comprises almost 40% of what they do. Made of eight highly competent members, the company has teams in Clark and India as well as Australia.


“We found someone we can rely on to help our client services administrator. It’s been great and helped us deliver to our clients a better experience than what they had previously.”


Data security concerns and how we’ve provided the solution

Craig’s initial concerns centred around data security. But after working with The Outsourced Accountant (TOA), those fears evaporated as Jamiesons discovered just how much TOA cares about their client’s information security. We take extra measures to protect data in a tightly controlled environment.


“The security that’s in place is very good and it ensures that client confidentiality is maintained.”


When asked about his level of satisfaction with regards to the services they’re getting, Craig expressed delight. He is very happy with the offshore team engagement especially because the people he works with are highly proactive; they constantly provide helpful information and are always ready to offer suggestions on how to improve the way they do business.

Smooth-sailing transition for the business

Craig also enjoyed the smooth-sailing onboarding process. TOA’s awesome support team made the transition a fun and hassle-free experience for Craig and his team. They came to Clark with specific things they want to do: they wanted to (1) run it with consultation because there was a great support team here and (2) be involved in the recruitment process as well.

They were able to merge the two requirements and it has worked well. Also, with help from the outstanding talent recruitment process, they were able to find the most suitable candidate to help them bridge the gap in their client services.


“We were able to bring on board the right person for the role that we had chosen and to bring them up to speed quite quickly. We had all the support that we needed. It was great.”



Since working with us, Craig expressed satisfaction with the way our team has shown willingness in providing a better experience to them and how our support team is always ready to give assistance.


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to scale your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, contact our local industry experts specialists for a consultation today at 1300 896 522.

Client Spotlight: How Offshoring Pushes Sky Accountants To Rapid Growth

Looking to be scalable, to get leverage and eventually build a business that can run without the owner, Sky Accountants was one of the first firms to give outsourcing a try and later on embrace it because of its great benefits and the opportunities it brings.

Key takeaways from this interview:

  • What made Jamie decide to outsource dedicated staff
  • The performance of his offshore team, and his future plans for them
  • The benefits that Sky Accountants has gained for investing in training
  • What were Jamie’s fears and doubts when starting to outsource
  • What Jamie has realised when he started to build an offshore team in the Philippines
  • How has The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) helped Sky Accountants through outsourcing
  • The benefits that Sky Accountants gained through outsourcing
  • Jamie’s advice to accounting business owners


It’s always been a positive experience, an affirmation of our business’ vision and values when we connect with our clients and learn about their outsourcing journey and successes, which for us is reflective of our own success as well.

Today, the spotlight is on Jamie Johns of Sky Accountants, one of the first firms in our clientele list to embrace outsourcing. Jamie provides us with some valuable insights into his outsourcing journey, his doubts when he started outsourcing, and some pro tips for business owners who are looking to grow their firm. These and more below in our excerpts from our interview with him.

Meet Jamie Johns, CEO of Sky Accountants

Jamie, an entrepreneur at heart, started ‘Sky Accountants’ from his home office. He specialises in helping business owners ‘build a business that can run without them‘. Sky Accountants deliver on this promise to guide individuals and businesses to success via the most efficient processes and proactive business partnerships.

Jamie has five full-time dedicated outsourcing staff in Clark, Philippines. Donita and Jacqueline are accountants, Kimberly and Jesille are bookkeepers, and Adrian is a marketing specialist. As the business grows, Jamie is looking to expand his offshore team at TOA next year with another three or four.

In the early stage of his outsourcing journey, Jamie needs to train his offshore team with Australian Tax, computer systems etc. Creating a domino effect where training one person can help train other people to do the things that are needed to do. The process becomes a lot easier as they go further and eventually their persistence on training paid off. “If you stick to it and have persistence, you’ll get the rewards,” says Jamie.

But, how did it all start?

Sky Accountants And Their Outsourcing Journey

To be scalable and to get leverage, these are Jamie’s main reason to outsource. In a global economy where borders don’t necessarily matter anymore, Sky Accountants is one of the first firms to embrace the opportunities that other countries could bring through technology. They are quick and smart to recognise that outsourcing is a natural part of it.


“Any successful business owner has to realise that the world is smaller and border don’t necessarily matter anymore. It’s important to embrace the opportunities that you’ve got with other countries and come together and do your best.

Jamie Johns


Like everyone else, Jamie had his own sets of doubts and challenges when he started outsourcing.This includes communication, quality of work, speed, turnaround time, and other common fears in a business. But once they started operating and adding staff to the team, it just got easier especially with the use of the right technology. Sky Accountants learned to overcome these fears in the process.


Offshoring challenges


Now on his third year with TOA, Jamie couldn’t be happier with his offshore team and their valuable contribution to Sky Accountants. When talking about his offshore team in the Philippines, Jamie is keen to answer “They’re all totally enthusiastic. They’re always great to deal with, and very positive. Their productivity is great and I couldn’t speak more highly of them.”

With the business growing, the longer that they work with their staff and the more they train them, the smarter and more efficient they become. It’s a win-win for both Jamie and his offshore team and their clients for providing the best accounting services.

How has TOA helped Sky Accountants

Jamie specifically highlighted three of the main benefits Sky Accountants has gained through outsourcing with the help of The Outsourced Accountant, “The team that Nick has put around himself both here and in Australia is excellent and they’re always open to feedback and improving their business. They’re always approachable and you always get timely responses.”

According to Jamie, having a team offshore is like having a team locally. You implement the same process, you treat them as part of the team and you unite the business and paint the future where you want to take it like with any other team members. That’s how he treats and values his team offshore. “They’re all part of a larger strategy to grow our business and it’s a global economy,” he added.


TOA helping businesses


If you’re an accountant, a business owner, or an adviser who is considering to invest in this space to achieve business efficiency, profit, and growth, here’s Jamie’s advice for you:


“When you start doing outsourcing, it’s important to get your structures and processes right. You need to systemise your business, you can have how-to videos and all sort of things but the biggest aspect in making it structured and all the workflow process.

Jamie Johns


This is just one of many client success stories at The Outsourced Accountant, where we pride ourselves on establishing a strong working relationship with our clients as a key method of delivering outstanding results each and every time.


Watch his full client testimonial video above.


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to grow your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, please contact our local industry experts specialists for a consultation today at
1300 896 522 or click here to book an appointment.

Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Enables Ashfords To Grow Consistently With High-Performance

To offer additional services to clients and to find and hire people with different skill sets. These are the two main reasons why Ashfords started outsourcing and they found that the Philippines is an ideal solution.   

Let’s take a look at Ashfords’ outsourcing journey.

Meet Richard Vaughan

Richard Vaughan is a Financial Adviser and Partner at Ashfords in Melbourne, Australia. As a full-service firm, the business provides accounting and business services, audit and financial planning, wealth management, superannuation, and bookkeeping.

From seven team members, Ashfords now has 13 offshore staff in Clark as of May 2017. Two of whom have been part of their business for almost two years now. “We treat them as part of our business. They are just another staff member, working in an office that’s a bit further away,” said Richard.

On Their Offshoring Journey

Before coming to the Philippines, Ashfords had previously offshored in India. Here they had mixed results and issues around culture, time zones, and quality of work. With that experience, they actually stopped doing any offshoring for a couple of years. As they investigated, they had a better understanding of how the Philippines and the Filipino staff fitted better within their business.


“Our Philippines team are outstanding. Their language skills are a lot better. The time zone is a lot more friendly to work within our business and their quality of work has been exceptional. They’re very well qualified and they love what they do.”

Richard Vaughan


Communication is an important aspect in outsourcing and this has always been an important aspect for Ashfords, “When we interview for a new team member at TOA, we actually concentrate on the language skills and communication. It’s important that they have an understanding of what we’re trying to put across and if I’ve got any concerns they can come back to us anytime,” said Richard.

He has great confidence that the Filipino staff is very much qualified for the positions they were looking for as they possess university degrees and high standard of work experience. In addition to this, he made sure that they fit in with the Australian culture and that they can communicate well with the team onshore through intensive training and development.

The Benefits Of Offshoring

Richard has been very impressed and grateful to how The Outsourced Accountant (TOA) has helped Ashfords establish and grow the business. Through outsourcing, it allows them to offer new services to clients, ones that they haven’t offered before.

But, the best way that TOA helped them resolve their issue is by recruiting the best team members who work diligently and have very high quality of work that gives clients the best results.


Benefits of Outsourcing with TOA



At TOA, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. Coming from various business challenges and visions, we have compiled here testimonials of their success stories on offshoring with us.  


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to grow your firm, or just want to know what is possible with offshoring, please contact our local outsourcing experts/specialists for a free consultation or call us today at 1300 896 522.

Client Spotlight: How Outsourcing Allowed LPR Advisory To Scale and Grow

Struggling to find high quality staff, Ryan came across a friend who had tried outsourcing and had a lot of success. He then looked into it and gave it a try. Having a team offshore forced LPR Advisory to procedurise and systemise their business which uncovered a lot of inefficiencies with how they do business.

Key takeaways from this interview:

  • His firm’s struggle in looking for good quality staff and how he is able to find a good one
  • What made his firm decide to outsource
  • The “unseen help” of outsourcing in terms of quality of work
  • The offshore team’s performance and his relationship with them
  • The benefits of embracing outsourcing
  • His insights into the current accounting landscape

Today, the spotlight is on  Ryan Addinsall of LPR Advisory. Ryan provides us with wonderful insights into his journey to the outsourcing space, what drives and inspires him in this industry, his hesitations and expectations, and the benefits he gained in deciding to outsource. These and more below in our excerpts from our interview with him.

Meet Ryan Addinsall

Ryan Addinsall is the Director of LPR Advisory, an accounting and advisory business in Sydney, Australia founded in 2003. LPR Advisory focuses in assisting small to medium-sized businesses in streamlining their accounting compliance and systems to work on their growth and improvement.

Ryan has two dedicated outsourcing staff in Clark, Cindy and Jessica, whom are very highly engaged in their roles. From their initial Skype interview, Ryan and his team have developed a great connection and have nurtured this throughout time. Ryan got to spend a week in the Philippine office to personally train Cindy and Jessica. When he got back to Australia, the training and mentoring didn’t stop. That’s how they were able to build a great working environment that is happy, growing, and positive.

But, how did Ryan and the LPR Advisory get into the outsourcing space in the first place? Here’s how it started.

LPR Advisory’s Outsourcing Journey

Getting advice from an independent advisor or a firm with outsourcing experience often is a good choice. This is how it worked with Ryan and the LPR Advisory.

Ryan was struggling to find good quality staff for his business, so when came across a friend who had tried outsourcing and had a lot of success, he looked into it and gave it a try. Through a qualified referral, he got in contact with The Outsourced Accountant (TOA), and the journey started.


“We’re struggling to find good quality staff to do a lot of the bookkeeping and accounting roles for our business.”


Ryan found the skill level of his dedicated staff a bit strange, at first. Contrary to what is expected, where he usually finds fresh graduate accountants with university qualifications, Cindy and Jessica, who are now part of LPR Advisory’s staff with The Outsourced Accountant, have had quite a lot of experience. He was amazed by the number of companies they have worked for, both for private firms and for the government.

Through a series of training and development courses, both Cindy and Jessica were able to apply their accounting knowledge and experience to the Australian Tax System, and from there, they just continue to grow and become very well-versed in the local tax practices. They got up to speed with the clients very quickly and they’ve been performing really well.

The Offshoring Benefits

Because the team is offshore, LPR Advisory was forced to procedurise and systemise their business which uncovered a lot of room for growth. “It actually uncovered a lot of inefficiencies in the way that we run the business. It forced us to procedurise and systemise the business which then had the effect of actually improving the business a lot and allowing us to scale and grow” says Ryan.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Whatever might be holding you back, innovative entrepreneurs can always benefit from the success stories of those who had done it.

That positive perspective often unfolds things you didn’t see or realise were possible. “It’s really opened up our eyes to the possibilities. We don’t know how it’s going to work and where it’s going to end up but it turned out for the better. It gives you that positivity and the confirmation that when you don’t know what’s around the corner, you’ve got to give everything a try. So yeah, it’s been fantastic,” Ryan added.


“One of the things I’ve really enjoyed is the remote which technology these days and the ability to be able to connect so easily through video conferencing and things like that … it’s a whole new way of doing business. It’s the future. 

Ryan Addinsall


This is just one of many client success stories at The Outsourced Accountant, where working with our clients as partners is a key method for delivering outstanding results each and every time.


If you have capacity restraints, are looking to scale your firm, or just want to know what is possible with outsourcing, please contact our local industry experts for a consultation today at 1300 896 522.