What is Outsourcing? How Outsourcing for Accountants Could Transform Your Practice

what is outsourcing for accountants

In a digital, connected world, more and more businesses are looking to leverage opportunities for outsourcing various business functions. So, what are the benefits, and what could outsourcing mean for an accounting practice? The rise in cloud-based technology has brought with it greater accessibility to outsourced services for businesses globally. No longer restricted by geographical … Read more

Hitting Industry Milestone with Incredible Insights and Discoveries

THE #IGNITECON2018 WRAP-UP THE BIGGEST OFFSHORING CONFERENCE FOR ACCOUNTANTS   5-minute read Two days went by so fast with conference delegates soaking in all the learnings and fun! Brilliant speakers with stimulating ideas, guests with the toughest questions, and networking opportunity make it all an experience to remember.   If you were there, or in case ... Read more

Preparing For The Inevitable: Is My Accounting Firm Safe?

5-minute read   Anxiety is in the minds of accountants, accounting firm owners and partners. With the accounting industry in flux from widespread disruption of new-age technology and best practices, it is to be expected. Ed Chan of Chan & Naylor and WIZE Mentoring asks:      “Where is the Accounting industry heading and is your job safe, and is our ... Read more

Is Offshoring Taking Jobs Away From Local Professionals?

Offshoring in the Philippines
Is offshoring detrimental to domestic hiring? Let’s face it: using this as a business strategy will definitely have some impact on both the local and offshore locations. The question now is does it negatively impact local employment? The answer is it depends on the strategy implemented at the local level. Freeing Up Time Or Eliminating ... Read more