Scaling Up With A Global Team – Webinar Recap

Scaling up with a global team - TOA Global Webinar

Could you count on offshoring as an effective growth strategy for accounting firms?   Nick Sinclair (Chairman, TOA Global) and Jamie Johns (CEO, Sky Accountants) answered this puzzling question with valuable insights in our April 30th Webinar.   Where to Start on Setting Up Your Business for Success?  Nick explained how most firms fail in terms of scaling: “A lot … Read more

How Offshoring Helped Gheen and Co. Double Their Business Growth

Mark Tuggle, Chief Operating Officer of Gheen and Co., has been with the CPA firm for more than a year, but within just a short time, the firm has seen 100% growth since they have adopted the offshoring model with the continuous support of The Outsourced Accountant. Solving workload issues: The beginning of a challenge ... Read more

The Offshore Experience: The Locmans POV

TOA GLOBAL delves deep into the corporate philosophy of Locmans Advisors and sits down with Associate Director Damian Lococo to discuss industry shifts and the solutions offshoring provides. Sometimes, success is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you know you’re doing something right when the clients start rolling in. On the other, sustaining the ... Read more

Harnessing The Power Of Offshoring: The BJT Experience

Michelle Beadle Outsourcing Accountant
There are many challenges a small business faces. Accounting firms are no exception. Based on a recent survey from Accounting Today –  the topmost industry concerns are the impact of new technologies and the ability to adapt to the rapid change of pace. Interestingly enough, one emerging solution tackles these two main concerns in the ... Read more

Win Your First 100 Clients and Learn the Best Practices in People Strategy: Key Insights from ReceiptBank Summit in ABE 2019

TOA Global Team at ABE 2019

TOA Global Chairman Nick Sinclair joined fellow industry leaders on the annual Accounting Business Expo held last March 20 and 21, 2019 at the International Convention Center in Sydney. During the Zero – 100 and Perfect Practice Summits by ReceiptBank, Nick tackled some of the more pressing concerns regarding offshoring and how it affects the … Read more

How Your High-Performing Offshore Team Drives Your Firm To The Top: Ignite Roadshow 2019 Highlights

Offshoring for Accountants

Hitting five of Australia’s largest business markets, potential and existing clients headed to TOA Global’s “relaxed but informative” (ASHLEIGH JAREMYN, Executive Director LIGHTYEAR DOCS) seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. The tour is intended to share a wealth of knowledge among like-minded peers on all aspects of team-building and culture development for accounting firms.  Looking to scale your practice with a global team? … Read more

Why Outsource? 6 Key Reasons to Use Outsourcing for Your Business

6 reasons for outsourcing

Thousands of businesses are turning to outsourcing to gain access to extra skill, resources and better business outcomes – with benefits like these, it’s not hard to see why. As the world becomes a connected marketplace, consumers are hunting for cheaper products and services from global providers. To remain competitive in the accounting industry – … Read more

5 Reasons Why Armada Accountants Made The Right Choice To Offshore

An ideal scenario for any accounting firm owner or decision-maker is to get jobs flow in and out without encountering any blockage.

This can only be possible with the help of the right people: a topnotch team comprised of A players who will ensure that your firm has enough capacity and the proper mindset to turn in high-quality jobs quickly.

The lack of capacity can be a huge pain in the neck for businesses. It hinders growth; keeps firms maximizing the potential of its team members. More importantly, it keeps decision-makers from doing the one important thing they need to do: make beneficial decisions for the organization.

With the help of TOA Global, Pamela Taylor, director at Armada Accountants and Advisors, was able to generate enough capacity to manage their firm’s 80+ clients so well they were able to smoothly transition to offering higher value consulting work.

You, too, can enjoy these same benefits of building a global offshore team:

A much quicker job turnaround

The addition of business management specialists turned things around for Armada.

Their team members are so good they were able to contribute to the quick turnaround even while they’re still in training.

One critical aspect of offshoring is connecting firms with the most suitable candidates—the very thing Pamela was struggling with.

“We were having problems finding team members who were willing to get their hands dirty, do the mundane tasks, grow their skill set, and those who were eager to work their way from the bottom up,” states Pamela.

Finding employees who want to grow with the company served as the driving force for Armada’s director and thanks to their decision to offshore, they now have team members they consider superstars.

“By having a team here in the Philippines means the work can flow through me.” 

Pamela Taylor

Leadership team can focus on stuff that matters

Any firm that’s struggled with keeping up with work will understand how difficult it is to not be able to focus on tasks that matter.

Pamela, along with the leadership team, are now able to focus on higher level work, like consulting. Now, the firm is able to identify clients’ pain points and find and implement solutions—things they were previously unable to do.

More personal time for decision makers

Creating capacity will free up time for the leadership team. Now, Pamela says offshoring has given her more time to spend with her family.

Transition to higher level, value-priced consulting work

Armada was on the lookout for more efficient ways to enhance the service. With the help of a global offshore team, the firm was able to evolve their offerings and go from hourly-based packages to value-based packages.

Client satisfaction

At the end of the day, only one thing needs to happen: keep clients satisfied. Offshoring helped Pamela’s firm to find the resources to produce output and take on more work from clients, ultimately adding to their bottom line.

If you would like to know how your firm can scale or free up capacity within a short time, you can book a free 1-on-1 consultation with us. Our global team specialists are always ready to discuss solutions and services that can address your business needs.



What is Outsourcing? How Outsourcing for Accountants Could Transform Your Practice

what is outsourcing for accountants

In a digital, connected world, more and more businesses are looking to leverage opportunities for outsourcing various business functions. So, what are the benefits, and what could outsourcing mean for an accounting practice? The rise in cloud-based technology has brought with it greater accessibility to outsourced services for businesses globally. No longer restricted by geographical … Read more