Accounting Evolution : Taking The Big Leap To Consultancy

accounting consultancy
5-minute read   For years, accountants have done just fine in taking care of the finances of businesses, big and small. Our work, which is mostly comprised of keeping books, preparing tax returns and performing audits. This is, essentially, what accounting is about. But with time comes change. That applies to our roles as accountants, ... Read more

Embrace Technology And Become a Million-Dollar Accountant #Ignite2018 Roadshow: What to Expect

2018 ignite roadshow
5-minute read   Research shows that most firms are not adapting their processes, people or leadership to the digital environment. Firms that are not utilising technology are still bogged down by compliance and do not have the capacity to meet customer needs. Are you one of these firms? How is technology working out for your ... Read more

Keeping Up With The Times: From Number-crunchers To Accounting Consultants

accounting consultants
It's no secret that the accounting profession is undergoing some changes. As competition increases with the advancement of technology, more firms are looking into adding a new revenue stream, like business consulting. What benefit does this provide accounting firms? To put it simply, firms that offer consulting services will be able to help businesses understand ... Read more

How To Differentiate Your Accounting Firm: Are You Adding Value To Your Clients?

how to differentiate accounting firm
4-minute read   In an accounting industry amidst rapid disruptive change, how can you differentiate your accounting firm from the competition? This is how. Ask yourself. Are you adding value to your clients? If you do not know the answer to this question, here’s how you can determine it according to Rob Nixon, accounting industry ... Read more

Bringing Out The Best In Client Relationships

Improving client relationship
Clients are the lifeline of all businesses. That is why developing a healthy relationship with them is extremely important. The success of your firm will depend on the quality of relationship you forge with your clients. But it may not be a walk in the park. There will be times when you’d have to deal ... Read more

Four Ways To Deliver Quality Client Service

Quality client service
4-minute read   Providing quality client service is essential in driving an accounting firm to success. Ensuring a positive client experience must be a top priority for accounting firms. Working on achieving excellent client experience will definitely contribute to the long-term success of your firm. The benefits you’ll enjoy include: Improved client retention More client ... Read more

Improve Productivity By Cultivating The Right Work Environment

Improve Productivity By Cultivating The Right Work Environment
3-minute read   Cultivating an environment of top performers can contribute significantly to a firm’s success. When employees are motivated, you can expect them to excel at their jobs. Keeping employees motivated is one crucial factor in retaining staff. This will not be a difficult feat if managers know how to create a working environment ... Read more

3 Key Offshoring Processes To Target

Key offshoring processes
4-minute read   Thinking of offshoring your accounting services? Firms whose productivity suffer because of too much time spent on routine tasks need to consider outsourcing to free up time. We’ve found that accountants really have low contact time which leads to inefficiencies. It can keep accountants from delivering value to their clients. Partners and ... Read more

Grow Your Accounting Firm: Onboarding Clients

Grow your firm: onboarding clients
The quality of relationship you have with clients is an essential ingredient in the formula for firm success. Your growth is directly impacted by what your client thinks of you, especially during the early stages of the relationship. This is why you need to make a really good impression. The onboarding stage is where you ... Read more

Grow Your Accounting Firm: How Standardised Processes Help Drive Success

Grow your accounting firm: drive success by standardising processes
Time is a commodity in accounting. It’s not uncommon to learn of time-strapped accountants who are neck-deep in work and despite spending hours at the office, yet still accomplish  nothing significant. To grow your accounting firm, it’s important to devise strategies that will allow you to get compliance done as quickly as possible so your ... Read more

A Quick Guide To Scaling Your Firm

Scaling your firm
Looking to scale your firm? Offshoring offers a viable solution to firms looking for ways to enhance productivity, improve efficiency and drive capacity. It is a long-term play but once firms put in the time and effort, it can yield an immediate upside.     Based on our data, firms that have been offshoring for ... Read more

Building Capacity: 3 Important Questions Firms Need To Ask

Results from a previous poll we did show that 46% of firms need to know more information about outsourcing and its benefits to companies looking to build capacity while only 11% have embraced the concept and already have teams put in place.     Why does outsourcing matter? Simply put, outsourcing is a viable business ... Read more