Building facilities

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The Outsourced Accountant exudes an environment of amiability and professionalism. Visitors and applicants are greeted by our accommodating receptionists as they walk to the Reception Area.

Take an opportunity to appreciate the delectable treats our Café offers. Treat your taste buds with a selection of great quality and affordable meals served by our concessionaire. You may also enjoy snacks and drinks with our vending machines.

Each team member’s workstation contains a computer with dual-screen setup in order for them to work more efficiently. It is also equipped with a webcam and a headset used for communicating with clients.

Here at TOA, we maintain our work place relaxed and comfortable, but professional and appropriately urgent at the same time.

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With our range of function rooms, we can always accommodate meetings with our valued clients, manage trainings and even applications. The Kangaroo Room serves as the boardroom. It has a cozy ambiance and is built with multiple power outlets, making it a perfect location for presentations and video conferences. Meanwhile, management meetings are usually held in the Pioneer Room.

We also conduct extensive trainings and seminars with newly-hired team members in our dedicated Training Room. This is where we shape the next front liners of the accounting industry.

We make sure to hire only the best workforce for our clients. In Kiwi Room, thorough assessment and screening take place. Applicants then showcase their skills in the Wellington Room. 

Our first-class facilities are ultimately about the people and the clients within them.