Building Capacity Offshoring

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In this expert webinar we covered the three-stage journey accountants go through; Nick Sinclair’s journey from running an accounting an established BPO in the Philippines; and the potential for increasing your capacity through outsourcing.

The key insights:

  • Why offshoring has become a real and viable option for Accounting firms
  • The true value of building an offshore team to grow your firm’s capacity
  • What are the necessary requirements for a successful offshoring effort
  • How to choose the right team members for your offshore team
  • Real results from a real offshoring success story

Learn more …

Regardless of what stage you might be at in considering offshoring you can book an exclusive 1-on-1 session with your expert Relationship Managers to answer any questions you  have. We’ll also be able to share a number of experiences from firms who are already successfully offshoring today.

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