Work-life Balance Remains a Struggle for Accountants. Here’s How to Improve It.

Spending time with family, coping with stress and fatigue, finding personal time, and time for personal and professional growth are some of the biggest challenges of work-life balance in the accounting profession, according to industry research by Macquarie.

Work-life balance” is a hot buzzword amongst corporations. And, it’s a very relevant and important topic as it’s emerged as a top priority for Australian job seekers.

The 2015 Hudson report, showed that:

work-life balance

How to improve work-life balance

In order to remain competitive, you must attract and keep the best employees. To do that, you need to offer what your employees want regardless of their gender, job type, and age. The answer — provide ways of helping your team achieve work-life balance.

Here are some few:

  • Encourage efficient work — NOT more work

    Being productive and working more are not necessarily the same.

    Consider delegating the tasks to people who specialised in the field. The time saved can be used to focusing on client facing work.

    This will not only deliver better work quality from your employees, but will keep morale.

  • Find the right work pattern

    In business, hard work is definitely unavoidable. There will be times when an employee needs to put in extra hours of hard work. Keep track of those times, then try to compensate for them later.

    Think of your work pattern like a bank.

    Pay” your employees in relaxation time, so you can “spend” with hard work when needed.

  • Get access to the latest technology

    Difference processes across industries have become a lot easier over the past decade.

    For accountants, it’s now perfectly possible to complete the tasks faster and with better quality output using the latest accounting technology — the Cloud.


Achieving work-life balance is important to the future growth of the company as it is the employees who crave it.


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