Why You Need To Have More Coffee Breaks At Work

You need to have more coffee breaks at work.

Why? Unknown to many, these play an essential role in ensuring employees are engaged and productive.

Coffee breaks are more than a company perk. If you look at it a lot more closely, you’ll discover that going for that cuppa on certain periods during the day has a significant impact on your productivity.

On the surface, getting coffee allows you to briefly step away from the myriad of tasks that you need to finish. The reality is, the few minutes you spend on getting your caffeine fix perks you up for success. There are several benefits of coffee breaks. It will improve memory and information retention, make you happier at work, keep you healthy and reduce errors.

Remember things easier

There are plenty of scientific evidence on caffeine’s effects on memory retention. One particular study conducted at John Hopkins University showed how drinking coffee helps people remember better.

A sharper memory allows you to make more accurate decisions. You can easily recall details like instructions from the previous day’s meeting or pertinent details involving a project, not to mention the fact that it can perk you up during those sleepy moments.

Caffeine blocks adenosine, a substance in the brain that causes sleepiness. Drinking coffee will block adenosine receptors so that your brain will not think it’s sleepy. This will help you stay alert and more focused at the tasks at hand.

Learn things faster and more effectively

Accounting work exposes you to a lot of data. Add that to the updates in this ever-changing landscape, you’ll definitely need to learn things faster. Drinking coffee has been shown to help improve short-term memory and your problem-solving abilities.

Foster positive employee relationships

Grabbing a cuppa also presents an opportunity to get to know your co-workers better. Coffee breaks are a social activity. When standing in line waiting for your turn at the coffee machine, you’re bound to strike up a conversation with someone. Also, you’re more likely to run across the same people during coffee breaks so this gives you the opportunity to create bonds with such people.

Coffee breaks allow workers to interact and mingle with each other, relax and re-energise. Ultimately, this can make employees happier, which is a factor in keeping employees motivated and productive.


benefits of coffee breaks

Get some form of exercise

One of the most obvious benefits of going on coffee breaks is it keeps you moving. In a job that requires you to sit for hours, it’s so easy to become sedentary and plunge into a pit of unhealthy habits.

Grabbing a cup will force you to stand up and walk. It may be just a short distance from your station to the coffee machine but doing it daily will add up to something. This can be a simple exercise that can, at the very least, prevent leg muscle stiffness and pain.

Avoid committing mistakes at work

Since caffeine has favourable effects on the brain, it follows that drinking coffee regularly will positively impact your work. A sharper mind will make you more keen on details. Enhanced focused will allow you to keep track of all deliverables. You become more attentive, which is beneficial especially if you are working the night shift.

In addition to power naps, coffee breaks are helpful in keeping employees alert and focused to avoid making mistakes at work. In fact, drinking coffee can have more effective in committing less mistakes than getting enough shut-eye, according to one study.

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