Healthy Workplace, Healthy Business: Why Employee Well-Being Matters?

What is well-being? And, why it is important at work?

Ultimately, well-being is about personal happiness —feeling good and living safely, healthily and less stress. In the modern workplace, staff well-being has increasingly been considered as relevant and necessary.

The common misconception about happiness, which goes like this: “Great work leads to big success, which leads to happiness,” turns out to run totally backwards.

We at The Outsourced Accountant believes that happiness at work should be a starting point, not an outcome or a destination. Which goes like this:


Why companies should care? 

  • Healthy Well-Being Improves Performance
    People who are happy at work performs better. Happiness makes them more productive, more creative, more engaged and better problem solvers.
  • Happy Employees = Less Turnover
    When people are happy at work, they are less likely to leave their job. Which is why employee well-being is an important goal for many organisations.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
    Corporations with highly engaged employees have smooth and better operations as well as better financial results.

What companies can do?

  • Give Variety of Tasks
    When developing a systematic plan, always consider the type, level, and variety of tasks to be carried out. It effectively sustains long-term employees.
  • Engage Employees on Projects
    Bosses and employees who consult together on projects and strategies can put forward more powerful and positive force towards achieving business goals.
  • Support Knowledge-Sharing Culture
    Inhibiting knowledge-sharing culture can be a significant factor in creating and leveraging knowledge assets. This results in inter-connectivity and rapid change within the organisation.

What employees can do?

  • Learn Something New Every Day
    Learning new things every day have great benefits, including improving working memory, increase language skills and better verbal intelligence. These can all result in a better work performance.
  • Don’t Eat at the Workspace
    A study shows that eating in a social context reduces stress while eating alone increases it. So, maximise your tea break and lunch break mingling with happy people within your proximity.
  • Plan a Trip
    Getting out of the office and travelling once in a while helps workers feel better than non-vacationers. Employees who take vacation have more stamina and fewer headaches when they return to work.


We, at The Outsourced Accountant, value our team members as much as we value our clients. We empower our team because we know it means empowering our business.

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