Why Content is King for B2B Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing was deemed interruptive and overbearing. In today’s internet-driven world, marketing is all about attracting your target audience with the right content. When it comes to gathering leads, setting up a website and acquiring social media followers, having a great content is vital to an effective marketing strategy. Hence, CONTENT IS KING.

Traditional marketing tactics like direct mails, print advertising, and cold calling are still useful, but not as successful as content marketing. According to curation platform Curata (formerly HiveFire)’s B2B (Business-to-Business) Marketing Trends Survey Report, twice as many B2B marketers now employ content marketing as they do print, TV and radio advertising.

Case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, blogs, webinars – these are examples of content formats. It just depends on which one is suitable for your buyer persona’s need or problem or where they are in the buyer’s journey. In the same manner, content plays a role in every stage of the inbound methodology: In the attract stage, content is what makes up your blog and social media posts; in convert stage, it is what constitutes web forms and calls-to-action; in the close stage, content is what builds the emails you send to your leads; and finally, in delight stage, it is what convinces customers to become promoters.

What are the elements that make content the king?

  • A remarkable content delivers, not restrains

Content is essentially the message your marketing strategy delivers.

  • A remarkable content communicates, not misleads

Content communicates your brand’s identity and helps establish thought leadership.

  • A remarkable content educates, not promotes

When you design an educational content, prospects can contact you if they want more information.

  • A remarkable content compels, not pushes

When you create a content that is fit for your target market, it compels them to take action.

  • A remarkable content outlines, not overwhelms

A short, summarized content that is easily digestible makes it easy for your busy prospects to absorb.

Marketing can’t exist without content; it is basically at the heart of marketing strategies. When you create the right content and tailor it to the needs of your clients, there’s no need to push your products or services – content will pull these clients for you.

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