Traditional Marketing Strategies That Still Work

Interruptive and marketer-centric – these are some of the words usually associated with traditional marketing. From TV commercials to spam e-mails, traditional marketing is the most convenient, yet old way of pushing products and services to customers.

So you may think, “Traditional marketing is obsolete and useless, right?”

Wrong. Even the advocates of digital marketing don’t think that traditional marketing should be deemed futile. Many organisations still use classic marketing strategies, but they use it TOGETHER with modern methods to amplify the results.

Here are some traditional marketing strategies that still work:

  • Direct Mail

Targeted e-mails are always effective because you can create campaigns that distribute your content with a specific audience. Just make sure you create a compelling subject line and include a call-to-action. Also, link to content on your website.

  • Press Release

Press releases never get old because people still read the news. When you want to introduce new products or services, or announce a new branch, you can ask to get published on local magazines and newspapers. Remember, the media is always looking out for news so it’s a win-win for both parties.

  • Networking

Call us old school, but nothing beats getting out and connecting with other people in person. Attending conferences and events lets you find new opportunities and leads faster than online marketing campaigns out there because sometimes, it’s more effective when you can interact with them personally than virtually.

  • Cold Calling

Not only is cold calling an arduous task, it also causes anxiety. But if you are certain about a potential client’s interest, then cold calling may be the suitable initial step towards meeting them and closing a sale. You can also start with e-mailing first in order to establish rapport with your prospect.

  • Print Ads

Although this is not cost effective anymore now that we’re living in the internet-driven world, printed pieces still have an impact because it is tangible, unlike just being posted on a website. One tip: place QR codes on your posters and flyers so that it will be easier for customers to visit your site and for you to track your advertising effectiveness.

Even if most people claim that digital marketing is killing traditional marketing, we can’t deny that some strategies still work, especially when combined with modern methods.

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