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TOA Sportsfest 2017

Last April, the annual TOA Sportsfest officially opened. Three sporting events — basketball (April), volleyball (May), bowling (June) — are contested in this year’s Sportsfest 2017. With three tournaments to participate in, team members certainly got a chance to bond with some good competition. Since TOA has doubled in size since last year’s fest, with record-breaking 200+ new hires, it’s a perfect opportunity for outsourced accountants and bookkeepers to relax, have fun and to get to know those new and unfamiliar faces!

The TOA Sportsfest is an annual event that is geared towards the improvement of TOA’s mantra on work-life balance. This is also an excellent venue to foster camaraderie among the growing teams of TOA as well as develop an appreciation for healthy competition and sportsmanship.

Lawrence Guiao, our Head of IT and last year’s Basketball MVP tells us how beneficial the games are for TOA and the whole team:


It’s important for the company because it strengthens camaraderie, trust, and bond. It also brings good healthy competition among competitors.

Lawrence Guiao, 2016 Basketball MVP


Oath of Sportsmanship

Oath of Sportsmanship at the opening ceremony of Sportsfest 2017


Let the games begin!

The Basketball Tournament

The highlight for the month of April is the Basketball Tournament where four teams battled for the championship and they are the Team GREYtness, WHITE Mambas, LIGHT BLUE Brave, and the BLUE Devils. The tournament was well-attended by managers, heads, and employees from both seat leasing and support.

After grueling elimination games, two teams came out on top to battle for one last time, Team Greytness and Team White Mambas. An interesting sidelight to this match was the “Revenge or Repeat” scheme.

Will Team Greytness repeat over the White Mambas having defeated them in the elimination round or will the Mambas gather their bearings and ride on the momentum of their two-game winning streak and have revenge against the Team Greytness?

The winning banner has been lifted. The Team GREYtness is the 2017 TOA Basketball Champion followed by the White Mambas (Second Placer), while Kevin Dela Resma from the winning team has been hailed the 2017 Basketball MVP.



Basketball Champion

Champion in Basketball: Team Greytness

The Volleyball Tournament

Next is the second leg of the Sportsfest 2017, the Volleyball Tournament which took place in the month of May at Angeles City National Trade School. This time the competition is open for both men and women. This is the first ever volleyball competition at TOA bringing so much excitement to many.

The opening ceremony was highlighted by the parade of five participating teams — Light Blue Falcons, Greytness, Block & White, Blue Great Ancestors, and Green Archers– flashing their banner held by their gorgeous playing muses, followed by a cheer presentation of each team.

After the elimination rounds, two teams reign on top –Team Greytness and Blue Great Ancestors. It was a close match for both teams throughout the final game as we see power spikes, digs and blocks.

Through a collective team effort, Team Greytness won the Championship; while Team Blue Great Ancestors, who won Best in Cheer took second place. The 2017 Volleyball MVPs for the men and women division are also from the winning team namely Emmerson Salac and Abegail Gozum.


Volleyball Champion

Champion in Volleyball: Team Greytness


Will it be a winning streak for Team Grey as the third leg of the Sportsfest 2017 continues?

The Bowling Tournament

It was a fun filled Friday afternoon when TOA Manila took the center stage and showed their bowling prowess in the third and last leg of the Sportsfest 2017, the bowling tournament which took place at Conrado Lanes, Mandaluyong on 2 June.

The players were grouped into five teams –Team Light Blue, Team Yellow, Team Green, Team Dark Blue and Team Grey. After an exciting round, team Dark Blue won the tournament with 660 points over their closest rival, the team Light Blue with 625 points; while Anthony De Rama from the winning team was awarded as the Best Player of the Game with 264 points.


Bowling Champion

Champion in Bowling: Team Dark Blue


Congratulations to all the winners!

The Sportsfest 2017 was a rousing success based on the number of participants, cooperative weather, and supportive friends and mates. The fun is unforgettable. After the tournament, the teams reunited and reaffirmed the mantra of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and friendship — TOA style!

TOA gratefully acknowledges the support of Basketball Tournament Coordinator Dan Fabros, Volleyball Tournament Coordinators Enrique Signo and John Michael Santos who willingly extend their hand in providing us game updates, scores, status and end-of-game reports.

All the photography of the Sportsfest 2017 can be accessed through our Facebook album.


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The Sportsfest is only one of the TOA’s cultural activities that bring us together.
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