The Outsourced Accountant Wrap Up: A Look Back At 2017

In 2017, we saw that more businesses are concerned about building capacity and scaling their firm. They are facing challenges that are keeping them from realising their firm’s full potential.

One of our main efforts this year is to help firms overcome the roadblocks that hinder their productivity and efficiency.

Here is a rundown of top learning resources made in collaboration with industry experts. Do click for in-depth discussions, webinar recordings, videos, transcriptions, and an incredibly comprehensive must-read e-book!


How To Build Capacity In Your Firm By Offshoring


Our CEO Nick Sinclair partnered with Panalitix’s Colin Dunn in February for this webinar, called “How to Build Capacity In Your Firm By Offshoring” where they provided insights on offshoring and how it is a real and viable option for accounting firms.

Read more about it here.

Win The War Against Productivity


In August, Nick broke down the various factors that affect a firm’s productivity and shared his winning plan of attack in “Win The War Against Productivity” webinar.

Read more about it here.

Winning The Talent Game


Our CEO Nick Sinclair and Chief of People Kerrie Brown talked about actionable ways on how to overcome recruitment and retention challenges, as well as the best way to manage millennials in the workplace in “Winning The Talent Game.

Read more about it here.

Optimising Your Firm With Essential Technology


Our most recent webinar, called “Optimising Your Firm With Essential Cloud Technology” addressed the challenges faced by accounting firms when it comes to technology by enumerating essential tools that will help streamline processes.

We’ve partnered with key industry players: Matt Bunston, Country Manager of Hubdoc, David New, Chief Sales Officer for Spotlight Reporting, and Sahil Mahotra, Territory Manager for Practice Ignition to talk about maximising cloud technology.

Read more about it here.

Cloud Security Concerns For Accountants, A Top Concern…And Growing!

2017 wrap up the essential guide to outsourcing and cloud security for accountants


In this webinar, Practice Protect CEO, Jamie Beresford, discussed the different cyber security challenges accounting firms face these days and specific ways on how to address these.

Read more about it here.

Secrets Of Their Success


In this webinar, with Jamie Johns, CEO of Sky Accountants, and Michael Risoli, Business Manager at MKS Group, Nick Sinclair interviews the winners of the PAC2017 Accounting Awards.

Read more about it here.

The Outsourced Accountant Roadshow



We’ve compiled all the insights from meaningful sessions with those who are looking to offshore and those who are already deep into it into a comprehensive report in a webinar called “Roadshow 2017: Success Insights and Takeaways.”

Read more about it here.

In the same webinar, we’ve discussed the various roles firms can outsource. The Outsourced Accountant has the right people equipped with the right skills to perform the tasks you require:

Watch these videos to find out various roles you can outsource to help streamline your processes better.


Top Senior Accountant

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Receptionist

Social Media Manager

Sales Support Team Lead

This year, we’ve also created a series of quick start guide videos to help firms better transition to their global accounting teams. Our Chief of Sales, Hayley Davies, talked about the steps on how The Outsourced Accountant can make building a global offshore team convenient for firms.

Watch the videos here:



Part 1: A word from our CEO Nick Sinclair

Part 2: Search & Selection

Part 3: The Interview

Part 4: Communications & Business Rhythms

Part 5: Onboarding


Blueprint For Building A Successful Global Accounting Team

One of the major highlights for The Outsourced Accountants this year was the creation of our e-book that features effective ways on how to build a successful offshore team and scale a business.

You can download the blueprint here.

Keynote Presentations And Guest Webinars

CEO Nick Sinclair Shares His Expertise On Offshoring And Accounting

This year we’ve also worked with various organisations and had Nick share his industry experience and expertise on successful offshoring.

  • Outsourcing Offshoring Philippines – Nick was featured in this popular podcast show from Vertical Internet Media. He talked about his journey from financial planning to running The Outsourced Accountant. If you’re looking for tips on taking that transition, listen to the podcast here. Read or download the transcription here.
  • ATL Network – As the guest keynote speaker, Nick talked about resourcing solutions for accounting firms and why there is a solid vital case for outsourcing these days. Learn more about our presentation here.
  • Accountants’ Technology Showcase Australia (ATSA) 2017 –  One of the keynote speakers, CEO Nick Sinclair,  talked about the importance of having an assistant and how it can help you build capacity in the long run. Learn more about our presentation here.

Top Blogs, Videos And Milestones

This year, we were heavy on content that provides help with scaling your firm. We’ve published tons of blog posts on tips on how to stay productive, keep employees happy and maintaining good relationships with clients.

Roadshow Insights And Key Takeaway Videos

After our successful roadshow series, we’ve gathered key insights and takeaways and compiled them in a series of videos to further explain the vital need for outsourcing.

Why You Should Offshore

Skills Shortage

The Changing Customer Expectations

Outsourcing And Cloud Technology

Attracting And Retaining Staff

Maximising Efficiency And Productivity

Is It All About The Profit

Who Is Really The Trusted Advisor?

How To Make The Most Out Of Technology

Setting Up A Global Team

Be Proactive, Not Reactive!

Are You Ahead Of The Competition?

Are You Always Available To Clients?

Top Blog Posts

Big Increase In Accounting Firms Using Outsourcing

Nick Sinclair, CEO of The Outsourced Accountant, and Jamie Beresford, CEO of Practice Protect, discussed the huge increase in number of accountants practising outsourcing and how firms strive to address efficiency challenges through outsourcing.

Employee Highlight: Supercharge Your Firm Productivity Through Outsourcing Accounting

Running a business can be challenging when non-core, time-consuming tasks prevent you from focusing on revenue-generating tasks. This article focuses on the benefits of delegating tasks and outsourcing specific roles to qualified professionals.

TOA Accounting Professionals, Standards, Training And Development

Over the years, TOA has established itself in the accounting industry. This post highlights the company’s growth and ongoing professional partnership as well as training and development programs to continue providing clients with the most qualified accountants professional support staff.

6 Reasons Why Working Night Shifts Is Fun And Exciting

We’ve listed down 6 reasons why working night shifts is fun as well as the different opportunities available for those who are interested to become part of our growing family.

Accounting Concepts: 5 Habits Of Highly Effective Accountants

The secret to becoming productive doesn’t lie on the hours spent inside the office or the amount of workload you take on. Learn specific ways on how accountants can become more effective in this article.

Client Testimonials

How do we bring value to our clients? Click the videos below and learn our success stories.

Jamie Johns of Sky Accountants

Sky Accountants was one of the first firms to try outsourcing with us. Since then, they were able to build a business that can run itself.

Richard Vaughan of Ashfords Accountants

Through offshoring, Ashfords Accountants was able to hire people with different skill sets and offer additional services to clients which resulted to continuous growth.

Mark Said of MKS Group

Through offshoring, MKS Group was able to eliminate challenges and establish strong communication rhythms, which eventually helped scale the business.

Victories And Milestones For The Outsourced Accountant

PICPA Appoints Jaypee Lagman As Chairperson for Committee on Member’s Update and Welfare

The Outsourced Accountant’s Jaypee Lagman was appointed Chairperson of the Committee on Member’s Update and Welfare of PICPA San Fernando.

The Outsourced Accountant Unveils New Clark Facility

The Outsourced Accountant officially opened the doors of its new Clark facility and announced plans for two new additional sites both in Clark and Manila.

TOA Global Joins PICPA 2017 Annual Convention As A Major Sponsor

The Outsourced Accountant was a major sponsor in the recently concluded 2017 Annual PICPA convention. This post features event highlights and a glimpse of what our participating team members experienced in the convention.

TOA Global Team Building

TOA Global’s one-day team building for both sites were filled with fun and excitement. The team building is geared towards establishing camaraderie and building personal development so each team member can continuously bring the WOW and exceed client expectations.

Start your journey to offshoring success with The Outsourced Accountant today. Stay tuned for more insightful content on everything accounting and offshoring in 2018.


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