The Outsourced Accountant: Forging Tomorrow’s Success Today

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Over the last four years, demand has seen us grow from a handful of employees to now supporting accountants with over 900 team members. We are forecasted to exceed 1,200 by the end of 2018 and 2,500 by the end of 2019; from one office in Clark to two, and the third office is well on its way to completion, along with an office in Manila. In order to ensure we can support the growing needs of our clients, we are  investing in our infrastructure and people accordingly.

In line with this, our leadership team has expanded with promotions and new roles geared towards our customer focus:

Appointment of Craig Mansell as Chief Executive Officer

Nick Sinclair has recently transitioned to chairmanship position and appointed Craig Mansell as the new CEO. Craig, who has been busy meeting and working with team members from both Clark and Manila sites, is a great addition to the leadership team because of his extensive experience in managing and leading teams to success.



Appointment of Ross Dougall to Chief Customer Officer

Our Chief of Marketing, Ross Dougall, will now be stepping into the role of Chief Customer Officer. His responsibilities will now be expanded to oversee all revenue functions globally including Marketing, Sales, Account Management, and Client Experience. This change will ensure that our efforts from Marketing to acquisition and retention will be more effectively coordinated globally.


Appointment of Chad Chambers to Philippines Vice President of Operations

We are thrilled to welcome Chad Chambers as our new Philippines Vice President of Operations into the fray. Coming in with a vast experience in amplifying efficiencies of all the global tech companies he has worked for, Chad is poised to give The Outsourced Accountant the boost we need to take us into the future today.


Appointment of Peter Brown to Global Finance Manager

As we take a larger stride into the global stage, we must ensure that the finance side of the business is well taken care of. So it is our pleasure to bring in Peter Brown as the new Global Finance Manager. His highly strategic mindset will be a real asset for us as we scale our business in the years to come.


Appointment of Four Divisional Directors in The Philippines

Like any fast-growing global company, we have many divisions that make our business machinery work. We are proud to have Stewart Tiley as our new Director of Client Experience, Janette Lagazo as our new Director of People Experience, Renzo Belardo, as our new Director of Marketing, and Ma. Coreen Atencio as our new Director of Finance. All of them are prodigious specialists in their field and all of them are determined to help achieve our goals for The Outsourced Accountant.




Appointment of Three Australian-based Account Managers

To give a greater focus to our clients, we have also bolstered our Account Management Team in Australia. We are excited to have Cathy Lockyer, Marie Ware, and Claire Guerin to help us fulfill our vision of building a client-centric business that provides the highest degree of service excellence.





Appointment of US-based Global Team Specialist

As we look to expand our market in the US, we wanted to bring in someone with strong convictions and sales chops to boot. This is why we brought in Nicholas Benfield who is our our new US-based Global Team Specialist. We have full confidence that Nick will exceed our expectations and deliver results in the US.


Appointment of Australian-based Global Team Specialist

Of course, with Australia being our main market focus, we aim to increase our sales efforts to build on the foundations we have already established. We would like to give a warm welcome to Shanil Rambharos who is our new Australian-based Global Team Specialist. We know that Shanil has the tenacity to help hit our targets and expand our reach in Australia.


As we forge ahead into the future, we believe that our resolute drive towards continuous growth and development will see us achieving the goals that our chairman and founder, Nick Sinclair, first envisioned. So don’t blink. The Outsourced Accountant is now and will continue to become better and stronger in the years to come. Watch this space!

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