Struggling with Capacity? A Global Team Can Help Get Your Time Back

Time is a fixed asset and time management skills are critical to your success as a firm owner. The good news is you can gain back control of your time by allocating it to do higher value work.  In our recently held webinar, Nick Sinclair, Chairman of TOA Global, shared insights and solutions on how you can start getting your time and your life back through offshoring.

What are the most time-consuming tasks for US accountants?

The webinar attended by over 200 US accountants have confirmed in a poll that emails and calls take up almost 45% of their daily work. So if you’re a key accounting player, should emails and calls take up almost half of your workday? The most time-consuming tasks do not bring the most value to the company. They’re still essential to running your business, but they prevent you from having the time to think about where your business is headed next.  

Going overboard with your work doesn’t translate to additional revenue.

In fact, doing overtime can be counterproductive to your firm. That time could have been spent engaging your clients, but this doesn’t mean communications and other back-office functions should be suddenly dropped. Bring back balance to your work life by forming a global team who can lend a helping hand.

How can outsourcing help you attract and retain your top team members?

Before jumping in and hiring an offshore provider, you need to know which tasks you can outsource. Think about these using the following guide questions:

  • What are the tasks that you do but hate doing?
  • What are the tasks that you enjoy but don’t have time to do?
  • What are the tasks that you would rather give to your personal assistant?

Depending on the answers you’ve come up with, you might consider hiring an accountant if you need help especially during tax season, bookkeepers to aid you with compliance-related tasks, or an executive assistant to do the scheduling and correspondence on your behalf.

What are the benefits of having an offshore partner?

Once you have eased into the offshore workflow, you can move on to strategic work. From receiving 300-400 emails a day, target to respond to 20 or fewer because your assistant has organized them according to importance. Above all, you can reinforce an admirable company culture that doesn’t normalize overtime and promotes work-life balance with the help of a dependable offshore team.