Quick Time Entry: Time Tracking Made Easy with Practice Manager

Time tracking is done by employers in the accounting industry, and other professional services who bill their clients by the hour. This helps increase productivity, promotes accountability, and identify practices that lead to wasted time. However, it is a tedious task to monitor every team member’s working time, and it’s even ironic how that task itself wastes time.

Now, Xero allows you to stay organised without leaving the screen you are working in with the new Quick Time Entry. This feature is integrated with Practice Manager, Xero’s online practice management software, which helps deliver the job, time and invoice management to accountants and bookkeepers.

Some employers use a stand-alone time-tracking software to record time spent on specific projects or tasks and visualize the effort being spent on them. Imagine an electronic version of the traditional timesheet paper. But with the Quick Time Entry in Practice Manager, time tracking is made easier by running in the background as you work. It automatically records time you spend on tasks in Practice Manager with just three clicks from anywhere in the app. The new tool allows you to quickly track time as you go using the timer, as well as enter time periodically with a few clicks.

To start recording time in Practice Manager, click the clock icon then add the time. The clock instantly starts ticking on your next piece of work – no need to fill out anything else. You can also select the correct client, job, and task, and mark it as “billable” when appropriate or add notes to describe your work. If you want to add a new entry, just use the ‘+’ button and hit ‘Start’. Once your task is completed, your entry is saved automatically in your timesheet and you can then invoice your clients.

You may ask, “What if a new job or client hasn’t been set up yet? “Or you don’t know the exact name of the client you helped a co-worker with?” “Or you pick up the phone but don’t know who it is yet?” Don’t worry if you do not have the specific details at once – this is where draft entries become especially useful. You can just enter the ones you have for now, record the time, and save it as a draft then add further information later.

Draft entries make keeping your timesheet up to date throughout the day that much easier. Just be sure you complete them at the end of the day, as draft entries are automatically removed from the system overnight. Presently, Xero claims that drafts don’t carry over to the next day, but they will be adding more features and functionality.

You can see the running total of time in your saved entries, and edit or discard them as needed. If you’re an administrator, you can select the best entry mode for your practice – record time duration (create an entry when you’ve completed a task)  or start/finish (set the timer to run while you work).

Xero visualizes a world where timesheets are simplified, accurate, and even enjoyable. Now you can ensure that your team is working productively with Practice Manager’s new Quick Time Entry.

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Simplified time tracking with Practice Manager