#QBconnect 2017: Key Insights – It Was One Incredible Day, Indeed

This huge gathering of accountants, entrepreneurs, and industry experts held 18 May 2017 in Sydney themed Bring Your Future Into Focus has certainly enriched the industry’s passion for innovation and excellence.

Influential keynote and breakout session speakers talk about how the accounting industry will take shape, the importance of building a brand, strengthening client relationships, pricing structure and QuickBooks lessons.

See slides from speakers hereHere are some of the key insights for us all to be inspired by:

We will unlock the power of many for the prosperity of one.

Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit QuickBooks EVP and General Manager


4 key trends in the industry

  • Years from now, you will serve radically different customers
  • You will face a new age of competition
  • Your business will be smarter (AI, machine learning)
  • Accounting will be disrupted


On strategy:

  • Having an open platform, creating personalised experiences, and making indispensable connections on Intuit.
  • Intuit will play as matchmaker to small businesses on the lookout for services from other small businesses


“We are building into our QuickBooks platform so that you can run your entire practice and get matched to small businesses in one location.”

From the Entrepreneur panel



Photo from QBconnect


“When you have a true passion for something you can turn it into your career and learning.”

 Alisa and Lysandra Fraser



“Just act! Reliance on gut feeling, taking action and learning.”

 Eugene Tan



“You have to have the passion and find the right people. Perseverance.You only fail when you give up.”

 Melody Shiue


Reputation is boring. Be smart and automate. Do it, delegate or dump it.

Paul Vasileff

Founder and Designer Paolo Sebastian and Young Australian of the Year
Topic: Overcoming Small Business Challenges: The Paul Vasileff Journey


You’ve got to learn to delegate. The goal is to get the business to run without you.

Mick Spencer

Founder and CEO / Chief Customer Officer, ONTHEGO SPORTS
Topic: Why Building Your Brand is the Key to Getting Customers


The barriers to offshoring have evaporated, it’s not just for big firms!

Chris Hooper

CEO, Accodex
Topic: What Accounting Will Look Like in 2030, and Steps You Can Take Now To Ensure Your Firm Thrives


Just do it. The hardest move is from nought to one!

Steve Baxter

Entrepreneur and Investor


Three C’s of success: Consistency (it’s KING). Consistency. Consistency.

Michell Bridges

Entrepreneur and Fitness Expert


What the discipline of training taught me: commitment, discipline, being a team player. Being a team player while striving to be a star player. Lesson on how to win, BIG lesson on how to lose.

Mish Bridges

Health, fitness expert & co-founder of Michelle Bridges 12WBT health program

Some memorable tweets from our team at The Outsourced Accountant led by Chief of Marketing, Ross Dougall.


 L-R: Ross Dougall, Cameron Forster, Kate Massey, Nick Sinclair










 L-R:  Ross Dougall (TOA Chief of Marketing), Nick Sinclair (TOA CEO), Cameron Forster (TOA Relationship Manager)

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