Improving Client Experience in the Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is competitive, but clients treat firms as replaceable commodities unless they find value in the services they receive.

When clients are fully engaged in the experience, they will treat you as a valued partner and create a lasting relationship with your firm.

Here are the ways in improving client experience:

  • Understand the Client’s Journey

It’s important to be aware of your client’s perspective and understand the journey they are going through. Do your research and gather as much information about the company. This will help you in dealing and resolving issues faster, and earn their loyalty in return.

  • Communicate Often

Instead of making endless sales pitch, take the time to listen to your clients. Ask them what they really need so that you can determine their pain points. Monitoring your client’s social media profiles is one efficient way to listen as you can observe which trends they are following or check updates about their company. Make it a point to touch base regularly.

  • Build Trust

Trust is built in every interaction, so it’s not just the first impression you exude on your first meeting but also your day-to-day service like helping them solve their problems or attending to their questions. Trust not only help you acquire clients but also retain them. Once you have established credibility, they will listen to you, which brings us to the next tip…

  • Offer Proactive Services

When you care about your client, you find ways to solve their problems even before they arise. Clients expect their accountants to proactively advise them about updates on tax, compliance and other general developments in the industry. Also, educate them about the ways they can use technology like automation and how it can make work easier. They will thank you later.

  • Focus Your Organisation

According to Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, “Customer service shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” Therefore, your entire firm should be trained, committed and empowered on giving an integrated, personalised client experience.

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