Improve Productivity By Cultivating The Right Work Environment

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Cultivating an environment of top performers can contribute significantly to a firm’s success.

When employees are motivated, you can expect them to excel at their jobs. Keeping employees motivated is one crucial factor in retaining staff. This will not be a difficult feat if managers know how to create a working environment that gives importance to its most important asset: the staff.

An effective manager will know the right approach to setting the mood inside the firm and condition the minds of the staff at the same time. According to a survey, 85% of people all over the world hate their jobs. This level of job satisfaction is alarming because it will have a negative impact on productivity.

So how can you ensure accountants are motivated to excel at their jobs?

Seek Opportunities To Enhance Or Develop Skills


Improve Productivity Through Skill Training


In this digital age, accountants need to possess skills outside the traditional skill set to keep up with the changes. Automation is big these days. Accountants need to be tech-savvy, for one. There is also a need to become more effective communicators because clients require more proactive accountants.

How to become a more proactive accountant:

  • Stay updated with the latest in the industry
  • Foresee possible problems (and solutions)
  • Spend more personal time with clients
  • Focus on business advisory tasks
  • Create opportunities for more business
  • Continuously find ways to offer something new
  • Switch to cloud accounting


Create opportunities where accountants can pick up new skills or enhance the ones they already have. This will be good for everyone. When individual team members acquire such skills, they will be able to use them to improve the team’s productivity.

Consider Taking A Project-based Approach

Accounting teams will not be busy the entire year. There will be times when you’ll have enough time to squeeze in a project or two. Project-based tasks can present a good opportunity for team members to collaborate, contribute new ideas and basically discover a new perspective on their jobs.

These projects will help accountants learn what’s new in the industry and apply those new learnings. Collaboration can foster trust among team members, which is crucial in aspiring to be productive and efficient at work.

Create A Strong Company Culture

There is a competitive advantage to having a carefully crafted culture because it’s difficult to copy it.

Your culture plays a vital role in the success of the firm because it can improve the quality of work. It boosts productivity and enhances efficiency. It is also helpful in keeping employees engaged and maintaining healthy retention rates.

Some tips for improving productivity:

  • Become more tech-savvy
  • Communicate regularly with your clients
  • Create a schedule and stick to it
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help
  • Ask for feedback
  • Identify your core tasks
  • Capitalise on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses
  • Delegate
  • Match the right skills with the right people


How to keep accountants engaged and happy:

  • Constantly boost their confidence through words of encouragement, recognition for a job well done
  • Allow them to voice out their opinions
  • Seek their suggestions and feedback
  • Be a good mentor
  • Offer incentives
  • Provide professional development training
  • Offer opportunities to grow in their careers
  • Humanise the relationship


But what if you still don’t have a well-defined culture? You can start by gathering the team members and brainstorming for ideas. Seek their opinion on the things they would like to experience in your firm. This can also be a good opportunity to show them that you value their voices.

They are, after all, the people who will be greatly impacted by whatever culture your firm will have.


Creating a work environment that fosters motivation is essential in leading an accounting team to success. At a time when many are dissatisfied with their jobs, it’s important for business owners and managers to find ways to keep accountants motivated, especially with the nature of their job.

The right motivation can be crucial not just in inspiring employees to become more productive, it will also help retain staff.


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