#Ignite2018 Roadshow Wrap-up Webinar: What To Expect

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The #Ignite2018 Roadshow has come to a close. This six-city event has been a resounding success with an audience of close to 300 accounting firms from across Australia. The roadshow was designed specifically to help Accountants, Bookkeepers, Accounting Firm Owners and Partners build thriving businesses. An amazing panel of industry experts were on hand to share priceless tools and strategies that will help achieve three key accounting business objectives.

 And now that the roadshow is over, Nick Sinclair, Chairman of The Outsourced Accountant, will host a webinar that will be a perfect learning reinforcement for those who attended and a catch up for those who missed it. He will not only discuss the tools and strategies from the roadshow complete with relevant feedback but also show how to integrate them to accelerate business growth. Here are the three key accounting business objectives and the tools and strategies discussed during the roadshow that Nick will guide you through during the webinar. 

Getting The Right People In The Right Roles

During the roadshow, Nick Sinclair showed how firms can enhance capacity by building a high-performing global team. Being one of the foremost experts in outsourcing and offshoring, Nick guided the audience through the reasons why building an offshore team is highly viable option for business growth. 

The team from Finance House Group (FHG) were also at the roadshow. FHG showed how firms can diversify their revenue mix by building an in-house finance division. They demonstrated why accountants are best suited to understand the intricacies of finance and how FHG can have people working with them to provide clients with financial services. 

How-to Methodologies On Optimizing The Right Technology


Ron Lesh and his team from BGL Corporate Solutions were on hand at the events. They showed the audience how to deliver higher quality jobs faster through cloud accounting software automation. The BGL team proved that leveraging technology through the proper integration of cloud accounting software innovations will increase client engagements. 

The team from Receipt Bank were also present at the roadshow. They demonstrated how to minimise the overall time on client work through bookkeeping automation. Their team showcased how accountants can use the Receipt Bank application to extract client data in real time and thus significantly increasing the rate by which work gets done. 

Also, the team from Account Kit presented their proprietary software at the events. They showed how to improve work efficiency with their cloud accounting productivity solutions. The audience learned how Account Kit can streamline workflow to ensure that more work gets done at any given period and thus allowing firms to take on more new clients or do more work for existing ones. 

Implementing The Right Business Strategies


Rob Nixon, accounting business mentor, coach, and facilitator also spoke that all the events. He showed how accounting firms can increase profits through proven accounting business strategies. He guided the roadshow audience through his landmark strategies that currently being used by over 16,000 accountants in over 20 countries. 

Time To Integrate The Tools And Strategies


The key to everything that was discussed in The #Ignite2018 Roadshow is combining all of them effectively to develop an action plan that can deliver results. This is what Nick Sinclair will discuss during the webinar titled “Integrating Strategies To Accelerate Business Growth”. We encourage you to watch the webinar so you can learn how to develop and implement an all-encompassing action plan that will help you achieve true sustainable growth.