How to Demonstrate Your Expertise Online

The best way to market your accounting firm is to show your proficiency on the services you offer. With our modern technology, the internet is the new medium for demonstrating your expertise to prospects seeking valuable information and looking for the best solution to their problems.

Here are ways to demonstrate your expertise online:

  • Keep Up with Industry News and Trends

Be industry-savvy by reading up online news and checking out the latest trends. When you’re among the first in the know, your online followers will see you as their go-to expert. Follow industry thought leaders and online media news outlets to get regular updates then share the information in your feed to keep your followers in the loop as well.

  • Host Webinars and Podcasts

A web-based seminar or webinar works the same way as a conference or a workshop except it takes place online; hence, the name. On the other hand, a podcast is usually a series of digital audio files available for downloading when you subscribe. During live webinars or podcasts, business leaders come together virtually to learn from an industry expert. Work on your speaking and presentation skills, come up with an interesting topic, choose an easy-to-use webinar/podcast system and start promoting it.

  • Produce Good Content

Remember, content is king. What’s a more credible way of demonstrating your expertise online than publishing your subject knowledge in an informal but informative manner? Try creating a blog on your website or through a blog site like WordPress or Blogger. Contribute articles in mainstream media’s website and join forums to answer readers’ problems proactively. Better yet, come up with a whole e-book about a certain topic that your followers frequently enquire.

  • Harness the Power of Social Media

Additionally, it is important to learn and familiarise yourself with each platform you use. Know the strategy and best practices for a particular social media site to leverage their advantages. Use the same profile picture (your logo is the best example) to increase visibility and consistency, and place testimonials and certification badges to heighten reliability.

  • Educate, Don’t Just Sell

Don’t be that person who is always eager to make a sales pitch. People want to be informed, and educating is a good way to gain sales and, eventually, loyalty in return. Instead of frequently promoting your service, aim to build a relationship with your online followers by being conversational to show that you are genuinely passionate and interested in helping.  In short, show your human side – no one wants to talk to a robot who keeps on giving generic and impersonal responses.

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