Grow Your Accounting Firm: Do You Have The Right Clients?

Growing your accounting firm becomes relatively easy once you’ve built the right foundation. It starts with getting the right clients.

Identified as one of the challenges in growing accounting firms, client acquisition is more than finding clients; it’s also about ensuring their satisfaction. It’s essential to get as many clients as possible, but it’s more important to find those that are willing to stick around for the long haul.

Firms need to devise an acquisition strategy that will bring in quality clients. Once you’re able to do this, you’ll experience:

  • Better client experience
  • Improved client base
  • More profits


Who Are The Right Clients?

The right clients are those who, first and foremost, pay on time. More than compliance work, they rely on you to provide reliable financial advice; they are consultative clients. They look at you as a trusted adviser and depends on you for any financial decision.

The right clients are also the ones that believe in your vision and values, the way you manage your practice, and consequently, their business. Those frequent communication check-ins with them, do your clients find the value in this as well as you do? The value of offshoring work, are your clients onboard with this idea? Just some of the things that can help you recognise if a client is right for you.

Maintaining Client Loyalty

It’s imperative that accounting firms ensure client satisfaction by improving client experience. This goes beyond completing compliance. To keep clients satisfied, happy and loyal, you have to make sure that you are continuously providing value.

Here are some recommendations on improving efficiency so you can improve client experience:

  • Communicate with clients regularly. Make clients feel they are front of mind. Regular communication is a vital ingredient in the accountant-client relationship. Let them know (and feel) that their needs are not only taken care of, but are prioritised as well.
  • Plan ahead. Productivity is directly dependent on time management. Accountants need to master the art of planning because this is essential in ensuring all tasks are accomplished at a specified time.
  • Automate specific tasks. Utilise the technology available to your firm. This will make things a lot easier. Automating tasks will take care of the daily drudgery and, more importantly, free up time so accountants can focus on more revenue-generating tasks, like financial advisory.



How Do You Retain Clients?

Client satisfaction, at a point, will not be enough. That’s because satisfied clients will be prone to getting better offers from other firms. And they will switch firms if they feel that their needs are better addressed elsewhere.

Remember that your clients are other firms’ prospects, so it’s up to you to ensure client commitment.

  • Know your current clients well. Have an in-depth knowledge of their needs, fears and goals so you can find effective ways to solve their problems.
  • Generate exposure for your firm to establish your brand. These days, social media offers an effective platform where your target clients can easily see you.
  • Harness the power of referrals. It is highly recommended that firms implement a referral program because it is one of the best (and most cost-effective) ways to acquire a new client.
  • Maintain excellence. Continue to provide high-quality service to keep your clients happy. Remember that only satisfied clients are going to refer you to other businesses. Make it a point to provide an outstanding service all the time. Go the extra mile. Make sure your clients feel valued. This will have a snowball effect.


Client acquisition is an important step in growing an accounting firm. Not only do you need to find clients, you need to get the RIGHT ones. And that entails certain steps to ensure that your clients stay with you for the long haul.

Finding the right type of clients can bring:

  • Better client experience
  • Improved client base
  • More revenue


Identify the right clients:

  • They pay on time
  • Offer compliance work
  • Seek consultative services
  • Treats you as a trusted advisor
  • Aligned with your vision and values
  • Depends on your expertise when making financial decisions


Keep clients loyal by doing the following:

  • Communicate with your clients regularly
  • Manage time well by planning ahead
  • Use automation tools

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