Get to know The Outsourced Accountant’s CEO, Nick Sinclair

Big Job, Huge Personality

The Outsourced Accountant CEO Nick Sinclair is a big picture thinker. He helps shape the strategic vision of the company in a clear, engaging, and exciting way for all. Being the CEO, he sets the direction on where the company is leading, he sets the tone of what culture to build, and he carefully considers major business decisions.

The former financial adviser is now responsible for running an outsourcing company that caters to Australian, New Zealand, and US accounting and financial firms. Currently with 500+ employees, with office locations both in the Philippines and Australia, Nick has achieved leaps and bounds in making the TOA strategic plan happen. But, who is Nick really? Let’s get up close and personal.


  • A businessman at heart
  • Nick started his own financial business, Wealthfarm, at the tender age of 24.  Growing quickly, he then set up a finance mortgage broking business which led him to the accounting piece of the puzzle. That’s his journey, from the days of financial planning right through to now running The Outsourced Accountant.


  • A good father
  • Nick is a father to two beautiful kids, Ellie, the eldest, and Mason, the youngest. Despite his busy schedule, he makes sure to give time to his kids. They go out, they play games and even attend school activities together.


Nick Sinclair with his two kids

Nick with his two kids, Ellie and Mason.


  • An adventurous eater
  • Nick is very open to new experiences like trying out various dishes including the (in)famous Filipino delicacy, balut. Check out the Balut Challenge Video below and see how he nailed it.



  • A friendly CEO
  • Nick is very approachable and easy to talk to. While being the CEO makes a person socially unreachable, he makes sure that all TOA staff can freely talk to him, and that he’s always available to address the needs and concerns of his employees.


  • A straightforward guy
  • Nick is not much into lengthy descriptions or explanations. Give Nick the details and numbers and he will appreciate it.


When it comes to managing his team, Nick is seen as someone who puts a big value on people especially to his PH team. He believes in their skills and potential to become a high-performing team.


“We want our team to get involved. We want them to be part of what we’re doing. We wanna help them grow.”


We asked Nick some questions around his career path, biggest life lessons, and what keeps him up at night. Check out the Q&A below.


1. What keeps you up at night? 

Besides my kids keeping me up at night, one thing that keeps me up at night is being the CEO of a business with 500+ people called The Outsourced Accountant. There’s always lots of exciting things going on. TOA is doubling in size and growing really fast which is an exciting journey for all of us. We are supporting and adding value to our clients and making sure that’s at the forefront of everything that we do.


2. What makes you look forward to your day?

I just love the value that we add to all areas of our business, and I break it into three areas.

  1. We bring significant value to our clients, the accounting firms, because our business allows them time to add value to their clients, the small businesses. They’re the drivers of our global economies.
  2. We employ a large amount of Filipinos, and most of our team are the primary income earners for their families. By employing these team members, they get to enjoy a better life. Seeing our team members travelling and enjoying life is a big driver for me.
  3. The other side of it is, due to the number of people we employ, we’re able to have a massive contribution to not only our people but also the community we operate in the Philippines as a whole.

I’m so fortunate to work in a business where we add value across all areas of the business. And it’s just exciting to be able to do that on a daily basis.


3. How do you see yourself 5 years from now? 10 years?

I see myself being involved in TOA, but in what role I am not sure. It’s a challenge with such a fast-paced business to know where you add the most value, but I know I will be involved still. Both of my kids will still be at school so I will still be based on the Gold Coast but hopefully spending a lot more time in the snow fields than I do now.


“We’re not driven by the number of employees that we have. We are more driven by the number of clients that we’re adding value to.”


4. What are some of the greatest career lessons you’ve learned?

I’ve learned that there’s someone that’s always been there and done it before you. So, I seek out mentors and people that can help. I’m fortunate that I’ve been part of a group called Entrepreneurs Organization. I’ve been exposed to businesses throughout the world.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons that they’ve learned and haven’t had to go through them myself. But growing a business, you ultimately go through the journey that you have to go through.


“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to fail fast, correct, and pivot really fast. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to do things wrong, but pivot and fix it quick.”


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