Four Ways To Deliver Quality Client Service

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Providing quality client service is essential in driving an accounting firm to success. Ensuring a positive client experience must be a top priority for accounting firms.

Working on achieving excellent client experience will definitely contribute to the long-term success of your firm. The benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Improved client retention
  • More client referrals
  • Positive working relationship with the client
  • Satisfied and motivated accountants


As accountants work on being the trusted advisor, working closely with the clients is a good way to actually improve client service.  

Be Proactive

As client demands evolve, accountants need to adapt. Customers demand more. They want things done quicker. Fueled by the advent of technology, client expectations have changed. Now, they want more interaction with their accountants. They want real-time access to data. They want you to become more proactive.

The problem is, not many accountants are establishing this kind of relationship with clients because they are too busy with compliance. They spend too much time on low-impact tasks they don’t get to check up on their clients. Their days are consumed by tax preparation, bookkeeping, and other administrative tasks, which is quite sad because clients want accountants to be the trusted advisor.

This can negatively impact business because if you’re not being proactive and other firms, who charge the same, are going the extra mile, it’s not surprising if your clients decide to leave.

Automation can solve this. When you’re no longer spending hours for documentation and reporting, you will have more time to pick up the phone, check up on your client or meet with them in person. You can focus on business advisory, which can generate more revenue.




Secure Data

Cyber fraud is a growing threat. The number of reported scams per day has increased by 35% each year.

Thanks to the Mandatory Breach Legislation, which took effect on February 22, 2018, firms will now have more reason to implement tighter data security measures because the law requires firms that have fallen prey to hackers to disclose the incident to the Privacy Commissioner. What’s worse is the firms need to let all their clients know, in writing, of the data breach. The danger here is that clients will not like to hear their accounting firm say their security has been compromised.

It’s embarrassing and it will have a tremendous impact on the firm’s reputation.

As custodians of data, accounting firms need to protect data client at all costs. Here are some tips on how you can improve your cybersecurity strategy or know more about the legislation and the Two-Step Authentication.


Cybersecurity update for accountants_mandatory breach reporting


Deliver Quality Work

Nothing speaks about your competence than quality work. Turn in accurate work on time and you can be sure that your clients will be happy.

By taking measures to improve productivity, teams can consistently provide output that meets the client’s expectations. However, there are factors that disrupt accountants’ productivity:

Productivity Tips Poll Question


Based on a poll we did in a previous webinar, the biggest productivity blockers are emails and calls. They consume more than half of the accountants’ time and while these need to be accomplished, they are not high-impact tasks that are crucial in revenue generation. Automating these or getting someone else to do it through offshoring can help free up time. Accountants can be more productive when their time isn’t consumed in daily repetitive tasks.

You can focus more on providing financial advice and help clients grow their business.

Need some tips on how to improve productivity? Check out these articles:

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Address Issues Promptly

Problems are bound to arise; that’s normal. But to ensure you always deliver quality client service, make sure to address issues promptly. Take action at the first sign of trouble. Betteryet, think ahead and anticipate possible scenarios so you can either create a contingency plan or avoid the problem by improving your processes.

Communication plays a key role here. When you have open lines of communication—where clients can easily get in touch with you—it’s quick to learn about issues that need resolution. Establish strong communication rhythms not just with the team but with the client as well.


Fast start guide to offshoring - great communication


Providing feedback provides another way to address issues promptly. Start with the team. Feedback is important because it can help assess the effectiveness of your process. It will also help team members assess their performance and the things they need to do to improve. This can foster trust among members.

Daily huddles and weekly and monthly meetings are some of the best avenues to get and provide feedback.


Providing quality client service is crucial to driving your accounting firm to success. By becoming familiar with the things that clients want, you will be able to strategise and implement processes to ensure accountants deliver quality work. You can do this by remembering these four things:

  • Be proactive
  • Ensure that client data is protected
  • Improve productivity to deliver quality output
  • Address any concerns as soon as possible


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