Exemplifying Work-Life Balance: The David Browne Story

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How vast should be the margin of difference between work and life? Though the answer to this may be relative, let us put it simply.

Ideal: A wide line with a marked distinction between the two.

Reality: A very fine and, often times, blurred line that is skewed.

Why is this the case? If you are running any growing business, you know the answer to this question very well. The sheer amount of work that has to be done on a daily basis is staggering that no time is left for one’s personal life. Sound familiar?

Why Settle?


work life balance


Long has there been an uneven balance but one should not simply accept this reality. There’s something that can be done.

Take David Browne as an example. He is the director of Integrity Finance Australia, a mortgage broking business based in Melbourne. David and his team work across all aspects of lending (residential and commercial/business) and service all clients with professionalism by showcasing their ability to work as a team with their clients as professional advisors.

He has worked tirelessly for IFA for over 10 years. Eight years ago, he bought out the other business partners. So in an effort to maintain their already established high level of professionalism, David and his team were always all hands on deck. But because of the lack of capacity, they found that when customers are left to deal with lenders directly, the message from their accountant or financial planner is lost and they end up with the incorrect structure or product. So their team worked 80-hour weeks and David ended up having less time for himself than ever before.

To remedy this, they wanted to find loan processors for a team of three brokers to assist with various aspects of loan processing, lodgement to the lender, and follow through to settlement. They tried to hire locally too but had may untoward issues with all their hires until one fateful day when a referral partner recommended The Outsourced Accountant.

Business Results Realized

David and his team found the perfect fit with The Outsourced Accountant where now they have four offshore team members with a plan to hire one more soon. IFA found all the superlatives they wanted in an offshore team.

  • High levels of English language proficiency, both verbal and written.
  • Remarkably well-educated, exceedingly skilled, and highly trainable team members
  • The highest degrees of dedication, diligence, and care in their work
  • Exceptionally embraced the IFA culture of wanting to help the end-consumer


By building a high-performing offshore team, David and his team improved their business systems and processes dramatically and thus improve profitability. How?

  • The IFA brokers with assigned offshore team members now had more time to focus on their clients’ needs to deliver the highest levels of service excellence. As an added bonus, the team at The Outsourced Accountant also now help assist clients when the brokers are not there because they have first-hand knowledge of their lodgements and settlements.
  • All work done now have a higher degrees of accuracy and all deadlines are met.
  • The offshore team increased overall capacity by decreasing the overall amount of time brokers previously did with processing so they could now take on more new clients.


Integrity Finance Australia is also now positioned to grow their onshore team because of the positive growth results driven through their offshore team. They now have the leverage to look for a new loan writer.

Personal Results Realized

After over two decades of steadfast work for IFA with little to no time for himself, David has finally gotten a well-deserved respite. He has taken his first four-week holiday in more than 10 years. Seeing that the business he’s running is in the hands of hardworking, dedicated and trustworthy people, David has no qualms about taking time for himself. What has taken him an awfully long time to do has been given to him by what most business owners hesitate to even consider – offshoring. In David’s word’s, “In hindsight, I should’ve built an offshore team earlier.”

Unfortunately, in business as it is in life, hindsight is always 20/20. The business lesson we can extract from this is offshoring does indeed work. The life lesson we can learn from this is that when an opportunity presents itself we should grasp it with both hands and make the most of it. Who knows, right? The success that Integrity Finance Australia has achieved and the work-life balance that David has realized is because of that one fateful day when they were referred to The Outsourced Accountant. The rest…as they say…is history!

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