Embrace Technology And Become a Million-Dollar Accountant #Ignite2018 Roadshow: What to Expect

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Research shows that most firms are not adapting their processes, people or leadership to the digital environment. Firms that are not utilising technology are still bogged down by compliance and do not have the capacity to meet customer needs. Are you one of these firms?

How is technology working out for your firm?

We’re no strangers to the tremendous benefits technology has on the accounting practice. Automation has increased productivity and improved efficiency for many firms, freeing up accountants’ time so they can concentrate on client-facing tasks.

As a huge enabler for offshoring, technology has made it easier for accountants to work on becoming the trusted advisor and really deliver high-value services to clients. Furthermore, it’s made storing and accessing data even more secure via the cloud.

Now, clients can have real-time access to data, allowing them to be on top of their business while, at the same time, be able to monitor the progress of their accountants, who can now work anytime, anywhere. Switching to the cloud has made remote work available, which means accountants now have more control of their time.

However, this is still not the case, or at least, not maximised.   In fact, data we’ve previously acquired showed that only 39% of firms are satisfied with their current cloud technology setup.

This only shows that there is still a huge number of firms that have a very long way to go when it comes to cloud accounting.


technology to grow your accounting firm


This August, The Outsourced Accountant is hitting the road once again to talk to accountants, bookkeepers, firm partners and owners to share expert insights and industry updates that you can use to grow your firm.

Hear from the following industry experts:

Ron Lesh, Founder & Managing Director, BGL Corporate Solutions

Ron is highly skilled in business planning, software implementation, accounting, company secretarial work, and customer relationship management (CRM). He has more than 30 years of experience in developing computer software for accountants and was vital to helping BGL Corporate Solutions become Software Innovator of The Year.  He will demonstrate the tools you need to streamline systems and processes to enhance capacity.

Rob Nixon, Mentor, Coach & Facilitator, Rob Nixon

Best selling author and renowned speaker, Rob has spoken to more than 175,000 accountants in 16 countries. He has also coached more than 400 accounting firms and helped them make $850M. He will teach you the ways to build an amazing accounting business and earn $1M profit per partner while working less than 500 client hours.

Daniel Tramontana, General Manager, BGL Corporate Solutions

An expert in business management and development, Daniel has helped accountants integrate software solutions for better businesses. He plays a vital role in the design and implementation of strategies and day-to-day operations for BGL Corporate Solutions.

Nick Sinclair, Chairman, The Outsourced Accountant

One of the foremost experts in offshoring for accounting firms, Nick leads a global executive team that delivers outstanding and dedicated offshoring solutions for accounting firms across Australia, New Zealand, North America, and other parts of the world. Nick will show you how you can deliver more value to your clients and futureproof your workforce.


Join us, together with our Partners, for Ignite 2018 where we will talk share with you tips on:

  • How to use technology to better engage and service your clients
  • Future-proofing your workforce for real growth over the next few years
  • Growing your firm to earn $1M+ profit per partner


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